The Kamaleev family: new neighbors in the Lesnaya Polyana settlement 13.08.2020 17:54:06

Семья Камалеевых – новые соседи в поселении Лесная Поляна (2).jpg

One more free lot of land here has got occupied. The Kamaleev family from Naberezhniie Chelny will settle here!

Семья Камалеевых – новые соседи в поселении Лесная Поляна (1).jpg

We are happy to welcome a new family in Lesnaya Polyana and we are sure that they will make their best!

Timur learnt of out settlement having watched TV program. Let him speak.

the TV program has appealed me with it’s resident’s optimism, the number of families with children, who moved there and enjoyed their life. Before that we had already visited a few settlements Cherenga and Krasnaya Gorka in Tatarstan, Rodniki in Udmurtiya. They were very nice as well, however we were not able to make our mind. Perhaps, the reason was the small number of families who live there a whole year. It was a key factor for us after the communications and roads.

We visited the settlement in June 2019, and the wonderful Gimalayev family hosted us. They shared their experience and impressions. After the talks we decided that it is the proper settlement worth moving in! The settlement rules also seemed sensible, so right after we decided to apply, and in summer 2019 we continued getting acquainted at the Earth Day Festival. We were surprised by good quality organization and number of interesting seminars one of those we attended. The performers were a residents from different settlements, they shared their experience and news.

Choosing a lot of land was not a piece of cake. June 2020, but are still choosing (the interview were recorded a few weeks ago, when they made their mind – editor’s note). This year we moved in exactly when the mosquitos season started, so first days we craved to escape! The weather also was nor nice, it was raining. Despite all the difficulties (for a citizen) we finished hours worked and continued acquaintance with the residents.

It was very interesting to observe your own state and flow of thoughts. First day when we just left the city comfort I was gloomy and powerless. However, day by day being hee in the settlement all the fears were going away and I started to feel why it’s really worth changing a lifestyle!

As citizens we are to learn a lot. Planning not just our own land, but all the steps of settlement and moving to the new home area. Now, at the very beginning, the resettlement seem to be distant and difficult, but also interesting and important. So, we hope to make our dream of life on land come true soon!

Семья Камалеевых – новые соседи в поселении Лесная Поляна (3).jpg

Lesnaya Polyana Kin Domain Settlement

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