Day of the Kin in the Kalinovets settlement 02.09.2020 15:41:41

August 2, the Day of the Kin was celebrated for the first time in our settlement of the Kalinovets KDS.

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In many families, there is a tradition of annually gathering relatives. In one of the books by Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre, it is proposed to conduct such a meeting of relatives at one time by the whole settlement. Dedicate a day or several days in a row to this. And in the evening, families come together for a joint celebration.
It rained most of the day and there were not many people - about ten families.

Despite the small number - the holiday was wonderful. The female half of the settlement has prepared a good program.

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They sang songs, played games, danced, glorified and thanked their Kins, asked questions to our common Father-Creator, who is commonly called God.

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Among the performances, the song "Smorodina" and the dance number - "Lady" were especially memorable. These simple movements and clear, clear voices cause a pleasant thrill of the heart, awaken something deep.

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At the festival, leaflets in the form of oak leaves were distributed with questions on the topic "my family". For example: - Who is the youngest in your family? Or - How many cousins do you have?

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I needed to tell about what we are proud of in our Kin?
Good question. Answering it, I deepened my understanding of the meaning of the word “pride”.

And also the realization came that somewhere in this issue lies the purpose of each of us, which many are looking for in our time.

The meal began with a beautiful round loaf - a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

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After that, we gathered in a close circle and asked questions to God. The answers were given by ourselves, to whom what came to the heart or mind.

We asked:
- Why, in some countries, people who are less evolutionarily developed than we are, with many times less resources, have a longer life expectancy, more income, and happier lives?

This question was asked by a person who has lived in another state for a long time. He probably has something to compare with.

- How to overcome fears and free yourself from internal throwing?

Asked a woman in whose family the question of the place of permanent residence has long been ripe.

There were also questions:

- How to learn to love everyone?
- What is the purpose of the Kalinovets settlement?

The solution to the housing issue, voiced by the resident Tatiana, turned into a game.
First, another inhabitant of our Settlement, also Tatiana, remembered the history of her student years. I will convey it in my own words, as I remember it.

One of the teachers gave Tatiana a task - to recall her most cherished dream and that realise that she is behind his (the teacher) back, and he is an obstacle between them. The task is to get to your dream.

All the girlish attempts to bypass the tough, tall man were unsuccessful.

- You Tatiana was carried away by overcoming obstacles, but you need to focus on your dream. - The teacher gave a hint.

Realizing the meaning of what was said, the student quickly found herself behind the teacher's back. Here is a cautionary tale.

Then they played a game in which several people played the role of fears, and Tatyana, who asked God about a housing issue, one by one overcame these fears. Our heroine did an excellent job!

I don’t know if the questioners got what they wanted? But, in general, it was exciting, informative and fun.

We also arranged a disco. During the dances, we played another game, in which we took turns asking the movements: one shows - everyone repeats. Then we danced folk dances.

It was obvious how dances unite people, tune in a common mood, lead to oneness.

There was a proposal before the meetings of the settlement (our "gatherings of citizens") not only to sing a common song, but also to dance. I am for.
Such actions can greatly increase the efficiency of solving common problems.

Long story short, this is how the first Day of the Kin in the KDS Kalinovets passed. They say that in the old days society was ruled by holidays. I readily believe. At such events, people open up, souls merge in unison, an active energy exchange takes place. Everything is solved quickly and harmoniously - from heart to heart.

Thanks to our circle dancer ladies for organizing the event.

And here's the question I'm looking for an answer:
- What is it - Kin?

Andrei Borko-Bruyaka

KDS Kalinovets

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