Elizaveta Krestyeva - The most important question about Kin Domains 15.09.2020 09:20:19

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If you ask me - what question is most often asked to the settlers of the Kin Domains, including us, I will answer without hesitation:
What do you live on?

Options: how do you earn, is there a job, how much it takes to live like this, and even build.

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Probably 99 people out of a hundred ask about this and only about this in different ways. Sometimes for hours the conversation is spinning only around earnings. It drives me crazy.

And very rarely someone ask the right question:
How did you do it? How did you manage to create your Kin Domain? What needs to be done for this, how to start?

And, unfortunately, my statistics show that people who are endlessly asking what to live on have practically no chance of creating their own Kin Domain.

Because they live in a survival pattern where the main criterion is making money. And not even earning in the name of some goal, but simply making money, because as soon as this process stops, they will face a terrible death by starvation.

They cannot prove that money is not a goal or even a means, but just an attribute that accompanies any movement towards a goal. You just have to have a goal, well, at least a lousy one!

Because money and opportunities come only for the purpose, and from multiple, sometimes the most unexpected sources, among which there may not be the usual official work at all.

But people don't even understand what this is about. Their victim mentality dominates, for which over the past hundred years we have been well trained ...

And it is the guarantee that a person will never become the creator of his life and destiny. And the victims will carefully teach their children the same thinking.

But you just need to change the question. People, not what, but how. Always remember - not what, but how!

How can I create a Family Home?
How do I break this goal down into steps?
What can be my first step right now?

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Winners don't think in terms of problems. They think in terms of tasks. If something doesn't work out for them, they sit down, scratch their ‘turnips’ (funny synonym for ‘head’) and think, where did I go wrong? How to solve the problem differently? And then they get up and go on and on, stubbornly and patiently hammering their walls. And sooner or later they break them, going out into the open space of new opportunities.

And the victim will bump a wall once and will cry and groan that she or he is not meant to do it, that she or he has a different mission, that she has a PMS or a soul crisis, or there is no money, or fear of a blank slate - the list is endless.

When the question is correct, the solution comes, the proper combination of actions. A part of the personal card is revealed on the field of play. When it is explored, the next part will open, other solutions will come. This is a fascinating process, it leads to insights, discoveries and, ultimately, to personal freedom.

And what is the use of talking about your card if it does not fit another person, it can even harm, deprive you of strength, inspiration, faith in your own strength.

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Everyone must find their own solution to any problem. This is the point, this is the victory.
What is the main question for you? What or how?

Elizaveta Krestyeva
Primorsky Krai

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