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Gather and hug

Рашида Ишмурзина трудится в своём РП Добрая семья (3).jpg

Neighbors gather to build a house of adobe bricks together and drink herbal tea. Carps swim freely in the pond. The rays of the setting sun linger in young pines. This idyll is not a fantasy of a city dweller tired of worries, but a reality.

Rashida Ishmurzina is called a sorceress, because she was able to make her bravest dreams come true. And she, having raised five children, works in her Kin Domain "Kind Family" in Krasnaya Polyana, teaches yoga and knows something about life that makes happy not only her, but everyone who communicates with her.

Рашида Ишмурзина трудится в своём РП Добрая семья (1).jpg
Rashida Ishmurzina - the owner of the Kin Domain

After waiting for the end of the "practice of silence", which is necessary for the owner of the Kin Domain in order to recover, we talk to her about the balance between nature and digitalization, about a real shezhere (Bashkir record of a Kin) and the true strength of the Kin.

- Rashida Rinatovna, why did you turn to yoga in order to help people?

- Vedanta yoga is a way of life. Warm-up, asanas, yoga nidra, breathing practices, meditations - a whole complex. It is close to me that yoga combines both physical and spiritual components. I began to practice it when I was a student, after the film "Indian Yogis: Who Are They?" She completed her training in Ufa. Yoga helps a woman to easily carry pregnancy, quickly recover from childbirth, be calm and harmonious. Yoga gives each person awareness, longevity, understanding of his divine essence.

- Why do you think people get sick so much?

- All diseases are because of stress, from the fact that a person is constantly in tension. The ecological situation in the city is also not quite suitable for a happy life. Therefore, I am creating a Kin Domain: I understand that this is the future of our country.

A teacher by training, Rashida Rinatovna taught Russian at an Uzbek school in Fergana. Sterlitamak became the last place of service of her military husband. Our heroine led the "Patch" class in the Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren. Six years ago, her life changed: she began to spend more and more time in her Kin Domain, in the last year she even spent the winter there. Five children, 14 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren - for a big friendly family, the Kind Family Kin Domain is an example of how you can organize your life.

“I'm creating a self-healing system,” explains the owner of the Kin Domain. - In the city, people often live in one place, their garden is in another, rest is in a third ... I have everything nearby - a house, a garden, a forest with mushrooms and berries, a pond with carp, which I myself have raised. I have a hectare of land, six years ago I by myself planted 15-centimeter pines, now they are already taller than human growth, boletus grow among them. Now many people create a shezhere in memory of their ancestors. I dedicated every tree I planted to my relatives - grandmothers and grandfathers. My shezhere is alive.

- How did the idea to create a Kin Domain come up?

- There is a series of books by Vladimir Megre "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". When I read it, I found like-minded people by ads, we rented 100 hectares of land in the region, divided them into plots, now there are 42 of them. There is common land, common infrastructure. There are families who have lived here permanently for over 10 years. The very concept of a family estate contains a deep meaning: it cannot be sold, it is passed down from generation to generation and is the main wealth of every family member.

- Everyone wants to live in harmony with nature. But does everyone succeed?

- It can be difficult: urban people are used to comfort. But most people like it here. They come and settle. I host many guests, they leave happy. Modern children use the phone, but local Internet is not always available. So, when children come to the Kind Family, they ride a bike, run barefoot on the grass, swim, pick berries with friends, as it was in my childhood.
Рашида Ишмурзина трудится в своём РП Добрая семья (2).jpg
Two-wheeled carriage ride

- What do you live on?

- We live by farming. We use solar panels, keep in touch with the world through social networks. We have many talented people, almost all with university degree. There are artists, musicians; there are candidates of physical and mathematical sciences working remotely. There are those who make cold-pressed butter and sell it through chain stores and pharmacies. We make natural cosmetics. My neighbors and I are basically all vegetarians, we don't keep cattle, this frees up a lot of time. One family keeps chickens, but they are difficult to keep from foxes. We have a lot of forest birds: nightingales, bullfinches, we often see cranes flying over us. The heron got into my pond for frogs, then began to stare at my fish. I had to put the scarecrow.

- Almost heaven on earth. Tell us about the pitfalls of such an unusual lifestyle for many.

- This kind of life - in the fresh air, with what you love - is available, I think, to everyone. Special programs are being implemented - "Far Eastern hectare", "Russian hectare", "Arctic hectare". We, as pioneers, showed that it is possible to live this way. No special skills are required, only a great desire is needed.

- Many people want to participate in the construction of your Yurt of the world. Why do you think? And do you need helpers?

- A lot of friends come to me, everyone wants to stay, stay longer. And I decided to create a Yurt of the world. This is a natural living room made of adobe (clay and straw) for creative communication, workshops. People came, kneaded clay for bricks with their feet, rejoiced like children. Positive energy is invested in every brick. It remains to make the roof and plaster the yurt, we need volunteer helpers for this. Felting, wood carving, playing musical instruments - all this will be in the Yurt of the world. We want to develop folk crafts and Bashkir culture. What am I dreaming about? About the fact that when I turn one hundred years old, all my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will gather in a round dance and embrace our entire Kin Domain. I see this picture, and it gives me the strength to plant trees, receive guests and greet every day with love.

You can contact Rashida Ishmurzina to help build the Yurt of the World and see the "Good Family" by calling 89279331998.

Author: Ekaterina YAKOVLEVA

Newspaper "Republic of Bashkortostan" No. 99 dated 27.08.2020

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