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This path is long, now we can talk about the beginning of the path. Every year I ask myself the question - is it necessary to live like this? The realization that this path is correct is new every year.

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I first heard about the books of Vladimir Megre in 2007 from my husband and then said: "The settlements of the Kin Domains cannot really exist." Now, in 2020, I say: "This cannot but be," as it became obvious that the KDS is the basis for the formation of a healthy Person. And books are absolutely practical recommendations.

For the last five years we have been living in the "Fairy Land" PRP and these years are the most eventful, interesting, happy. My husband and I moved to Krasnodar Territory from Pskov, where we rebuilt a house on one and a half hectares, created an estate, hoped for a settlement around, but it did not work to create it there. And the necessity of life in the PRP was clear. For me at that time, the main goal was the birth of children, their growth in the settlement. And we decided to move.

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With each new year of my life in the Fairy Land, I enjoy living here more and more. Everything is more beautiful than I am able to realize. I like everything here - the inhabitants of the settlement are really good people, each family has its own "zest". Families are different, without fanaticism, the atmosphere in the settlement is friendly. We have good roads here, we have electricity; rich nature - we are surrounded by forest, a river flows along the edge of the settlement.

Products in our settlement:
- delicious sourdough bread made from whole grain flour with home delivery,
- dairy products: goat's milk, cow's milk, cottage cheese, cheese,
- oil; chocolate, eco-flour;
- seedlings.

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And next to us are three more not small settlements - "Zdravoe", "Zhivoy dom", "Balabushki". Services and craftsmen for every taste. There is a strawberry farm, cold-pressed butter, repairmen, builders. Activities for children and adults are different. Cafe, cinema, banyas, regular joint purchases.

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Feelings come to life on your own land. I have chosen the name of our Kin Domain and it manifests itself – “Zhivaya Voda”("Living Water"). In fairy tales, this is the revitalization of a person, as feelings awaken in me. Are we living if we don't feel? Here is a plum, next to a cedar, everything has been planted with our own hands, you walk by, and they feel some kind of warmth. And there is a cherry from a kernel, under it is our child's placenta.

A walk around the Lin DOmain is filled with joy. And there is a clearing between the oaks and apple trees, there, after the wedding, my husband prepared a bedroom under the starry sky. I cannot forget this delight - I go to the canopy, a flashlight is on in it. Darkness, scattering of stars, the canopy shines with light, crickets, warmth, aromas of summer herbs. My husband washes my body and wipes it off with a linen cloth from the linen that my grandmother raised and woven herself.
Then - dreams of children ...
Conception. Pregnancy - any visit to the hospital is unimaginable.
Childbirth at home - baby smiles in water.

Why did we come to earth? To learn yourself. What am I? I can notice that I no longer want to associate myself with my petty egoism - it's so narrow! The virus of a modern city is to think only about yourself, "pull the blanket to yourself." It narrows the space of life incredibly. Feelings gradually die away, the desire to take care of loved ones, you lock on to yourself, there is no development. This is not a healthy way of thinking. Here I go and give parts of myself to everything around, dissolve in everything - in people, in the Earth, in the vibrations of the air. I no longer want my firmness, clever confidence borrowed from books. It is so pleasant to become fluid, to dissolve in space, to gently touch it, not to interfere with the flow of life.

To go to live in the Kin Domain is to go there, I don’t know where, and to learn what I have never known.

We already bought a plot with a small house. My husband installed a blockhouse for the main house - he cleaned the logs. I stoked wax with turpentine and covered the logs inside the house. We covered the roof, put up the windows, the stove-maker made a stove, made the floors and covered with oil. Entering the house, I enter the temple. I cannot be fulfilled with a pleasant aroma of wax, resin. In the windows there are green leaves of oaks and pears, behind them are the foothills of the Caucasus. This is our house. A milestone in our journey. Do it yourself - the husband's motto. And in the summer we have haymaking - this is such a grace. I felt amazing energy from the dry hay collection with a rake. I walk on the warm ground, rake up fragrant hay, and unknown tunes of female polyphony sound in my head.

Seeing how children grow up here is a special pleasure. How much freer they are than us. I woke up, opened the door and went out into the garden. Flowers, butterflies, big trees, animals.

And the main thing is that some new feelings for my husband arise. This is what I see as the main thing now - the creation of the Space of Love! This is the core. Let the children, the house, the garden be the result of this energy. Now I'm interested in the "game of Eternity" and the Family Estate allows me to try it.

After 13 years of marriage, I see my husband in a completely new way - it's amazing. Here it is - a miracle! It is a miracle to be able to change, to look not just at perfect yourself, but to be able to fall in love with another person - try to feel his feelings, to make his every day life more beautiful by your presence next to him. It's so interesting!

"- My darling! Eternity is ahead of you and me. A sun ray will shine in the spring, the soul will put on a new one. But the perishable body will humbly embrace the earth for a reason. Fresh flowers and grass from our bodies will sprout in spring. Eternally you will hear the singing of birds, drink drops of rain. In the blue sky, eternal clouds will delight you with their dance. If you scatter in the immense universe, keeping unbelief, from the particles in eternity wandering, my beloved, I will gather you. And the tree planted by you will help me, in early spring with its twig it will stretch to where your soul dwells in insensible rest. And to whom you gave good on Earth, they will think of you with love. If all earthly love is not enough to incarnate you again, then one, you know her, she will flare up on all planes of the universe's existence with only one desire - “incarnate, beloved”, for a moment she will die herself. "(Quote from V. Megre "Who are we?")

Thank you for your attention! I didn't want to bore a reader and write a lot – because I can write a lot!

Tatiana Kusakina
Kin Domain "Zhivaya Voda"
Fairytale land settlement
Krasnodarskiy Kray

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