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In the first months or years in the Kin Domain, people often live in a tent. This is a convenient way, at least in summer, to be in your home area constantly, and not "in fits and starts". And then, finally, having built a house, you find greater comfort and convenience in it.
But ... Romance is already disappearing.

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Photo of 2007, overnight in a clearing next to Maysky  

And returning it is not difficult - you can spend the night in the tent again. Or just in an open-air sleeping bag. Having a house already built, it is much easier to do this than at the initial stage of the arrangement, when from the buildings on the site there is only a tent with a lonely sleeping bag inside, and a toilet, if you're lucky.

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Home construction

The home can be a reliable dome front. From there, you can bring a comfortable blanket and pillow, an apple, some water, a charged flashlight, an extra blanket in case of a cold night, and even cover yourself with diapers and warm hats in the evening if you suddenly want to spend the night in a tent with a newborn child. What we did this summer.

Our family, in different composition, periodically spent the night in a tent, then just in a sleeping bag, saturated with sounds, smells, and the energy of the estate. And the romance is back! The state returned, which was during life in the first, then not yet insulated house, in which one could hear the singing of birds, chirping of grasshoppers and even the fuss of mice in the grass.

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The feeling of connection with the whole Universe through its piece of native land returned, even intensified. The earth helps, strengthens what is needed, the earth heals and prompts, shows us the depths of our souls.
You just need to be closer to it sometimes.
As at the very beginning.
And then the romance will return. And the soul will sing along with the birds.

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Veronika Perstenyova
Perstnev’s Kin Domain

Mayskoye Kin Domain Settlement

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