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While steaming in the banya, I made the first test swim in the pond. Before that, we had been pummeling the terraces with our feet, but today I sowed seeds of various herbs and flowers on them. Many thanks to my dear neighbors for the seeds! Three iris bushes adorned the shore of the pond. Oh, how beautiful it will be here next spring!

How the pond appeared

Sometimes dreams come true in incredible ways. The dream of having my own pond has been glimmering in me for 10 years. I remember when I was just decorating the site, I was sure that the first building on the site would be a pond. Moreover, big. But then the house still outweighed.

This year I planned to complete and launch a banya, to repair the pediment and the upper staircase on the roof. The budget was exhausted, the soul was calm and serene.

And here we are offered to dig a common pond with powerful equipment, which works in the neighborhood, next to the Askinskaya ice cave. We, of course, were all got very inspired, because the opportunity opened up for the common pond and those wishing to dig their ponds. Many neighbors already have beautiful ponds on their land. The technique is powerful, it works quickly and efficiently.

And with the banya, I began to think about a small pond nearby, so that, leaving the hot banya, to plunge into the cool water of the pond. Or, on a hot summer day, you can have a refreshing swim and race with fish. At the same time it would be possible to dig a well with the back digger, the water is close enough to surface.

But the equipment did not come to us, and a neighbor with a beautiful name Lyubov (translation: Love) recommended her friend with a back digger driver to me - "He works very quickly!" - she said. We phoned, made an appointment.

On Thursday morning, I suddenly felt an unprecedented flow of energy. The bright sun after long rain was pleasing and caressing. I looked at the lunar calendar - the 24th lunar day.

The back digger driver call: "I'm about to come." I called to the ‘Kuzmich’ (a construction store) - the rings for the well are already being transported. I call my neighbor Andrey to help the excavator with the rings, he promises to come. They bring rings.

I manage to run to other neighbors to help, at the same time Arthur promises to bring the frames to check the place for the well again.
I run home, I'm a little late for a vocal lesson with the wonderful Alena Irina.

After class I go out into the yard and meet Arthur, and then Andrey. Both are with the frames. We check the place for the well and make sure that there is water. And Andrey also shows us how to determine the depth of water.

Here comes a manipulator with the digger. The digger immediately brings up the rings and starts digging. At some point I feel some tension in space. I go up to the men. The excavator is digging, it has already gone deep by 4 meters (I was expecting water at about 2.5 meters), but there is no water!

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The digger makes a small step with a bucket to go down and dig below. I begin to pray aloud very passionately. The ladle goes deep into the blue clay, I carefully peer into the pit, holding on to Andrey, and we see water! Little puddle! Hooray! The water has appeared.

Эльвира Исмагилова – Мечта о маленьком прудике (3).jpg

In two hours they dug a well and installed rings. 5 rings flush with the ground. One ring is missing! I called in ‘Kuzmich’, asked them to bring another ring tomorrow morning.

For now, we turn to the pond. I show Alexander (that's the name of the digger driver) the plan of a small pond on the plan of the Kin Domain. I tell you the size, shape and basic requirements - we pull it downwind (from south to north), a rugged coastline, a deep and shallow water zone and terraced land on the sides. He immediately gets everything and begins to work. He immediately removes the fertile layer, and the grass is not an obstacles for the machine. Once again, we agree on the location of the deep-water and shallow-water zones and where is the wider place, where the narrow one, and the excavator continues to work. I only come sometimes - to enjoy how everything is going.

Эльвира Исмагилова – Мечта о маленьком прудике (4).jpg

On the cut made by an excavator, the sequence of soil occurrence is clearly visible. This is about 50 cm of black soil, then about 3 meters of brown clay, and then a layer of blue clay. At a depth of about 4 meters, water begins to ooze into the pond. The speed is good enough.

Эльвира Исмагилова – Мечта о маленьком прудике (5).jpg

On the second day, more water arrived (both in the pond and in the well), and the digger continued to form the terraces. Sometimes we discussed some questions, but Alexander is a great professional and did a lot intuitively, grasping on the fly.

Эльвира Исмагилова – Мечта о маленьком прудике (6).jpg

And now, the pond is ready! An eye-like shape, terraces on the slopes. The large ridge can be completed next year, in dry weather.

Having completed the pond, we installed the last ring on the well. In the well during the night, the water rose by 4 rings. We decided to pump out water, as it is usually done when digging wells.

We say off the driver. I stayed overwhelmed with happiness and joy because now in my Kin Domain, in addition to a stream with living water, there is a well and a small but very beautiful pond! The dimensions of the pond: 15 by 5 m, the depth in the deepest part is 4 m. The most important thing is that it turned out not so costly.Just RUB 22,500 over a pond with a well, not counting materials. Yes, we in Moscow would simply have spent this money or food! While this is the investment in eternity!

Next year, I dream of saving up money and digging another large pond with high flat ridges, and on the shore, together with my friends, build a guest hobbit house - a house of friends. And I believe that my dream will definitely come true!
All Dreams Come True.

Dream! Be creative! Improve your habitat!

Elvira Ismagilova
Chik-Elga Settlement, Republic of Bashkortostan

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