Voluntary Saturday work day in KDS Lyubimovka 30.09.2020 14:45:29

This is more than just a work day.
Once a month, residents of the Lyubimovka community spend a day working together to improve common areas.

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Men with a joint masculine spirit perform various types of work - from household to construction. By the way, you can learn a lot from us in one day, especially when the work day is devoted to construction matters.

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Women fill the space with coziness and beauty with protective warmth, and give us a delicious lunch. And girlish chitchats always reveal many secrets.

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However, the most important task of the Saturdays work days is to strengthen unity among the inhabitants of our settlement. And this task is fully realized, thanks to the common work and rest on this day. That is why we say about it "more than a Saturday work-day".

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Do you want to immerse in this unique atmosphere? We are always glad to see guests!
We have a delicious lunch, fragrant tea, immersion in folk songs and dances - during a break. From you - a good mood, a desire to help and sweets for a tea break!

Take the kids - they will be able to dance and play together with ours in the lessons of the Family School of Folk Culture.

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KDS Lyubimovka
Tver region

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