New addition to the Mishurnykh family at the Zvon-Gora settlement - gosling 02.10.2020 11:15:02

New addition in the household is always a joy, and children are the happiest ones. It doesn't matter what settlement the new addition is in - the kids gather and instantly get acquainted with the newborns itself, taking on all responsibility for feeding and walking the pets. Kittens, puppies, goatlings, chickens, goslings - it doesn't matter who exactly - but what is important is that children convey their happiness and delight to adults, and in general, the space of the settlement is filled with a special atmosphere!

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Well, here's a new addition to the Mishurns Kin Domain at the "Zvon-Gora" - the goslings, who already clearly know their place in the goose flock. A week old - and he leads the whole herd and attracts the eyes of children and adults. The goose has 2 mother-goose, who protect and raise him, but the rest of the geese are already the "personal protection" of the baby!

Пополнение в поместье семьи Мишурных гусёнок (1).jpg

The very process of waiting for hatching, when the gosling is already tapping inside the egg, is fascinating. Goslings establish contact with their mother 1-3 days before hatching. When the baby breaks through the shell with his egg tooth, he takes the first breath and let out the first squeak in freedom. The mother answers with a welcome signal. The goose begins to respond to the sounds made by the parents. Gradually orienting in the outside world, and having learned something, the baby turns his neck only in the direction of familiar sounds. The sounds of communication are special.

Пополнение в поместье семьи Мишурных гусёнок (2).jpg

If the first days gosling enjoyed the company of children and mother-geese, now, children can only watch their little gosling grow up in a large family. The small happiness created by nature takes its place in the living space of the "Zvon-Gora"!

Alla Mishurnaya: Animals on the estate are not raised for slaughter. The philosophy of life in the settlements envisages living in harmony with nature and rejects violence against animals. So they keep it so that children communicate directly with nature, so that they comprehend the philosophy of life in harmony, so that they learn to understand living things, they see life consciously from the moment of birth to growing up.

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Alla Mishurnaya
Zvon-Gora settlement

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