Peaches in the Belopavlinnoye Kin Domain 14.10.2020 21:03:50

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Autumn has come, the time for fruit and harvest! Our peach is also aware of this custom, and despite its southern origin, it still manages to bear fruit in September. There are many fruits this year, dozens of boxes from just one tree, which is 6 years old from the seed! We hope it will always be that way.

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The fruits are incredibly juicy. With the cold nights, peaches began to fall to the ground by themselves. It feels like they would love to hang for a couple more weeks and become sweeter. However, we cannot complain, their taste is excellent and there is enough sweetness.

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However, if not to be greedy, it would be possible to remove half of the fruits in the early stages, thus redirecting the forces to the remaining ones, in order to ripen them more quickly. However, we see such an abundance for the first time, and we really wanted to test the possibilities of our peach. And these possibilities never cease to amaze.

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If the weather helps, the fruits will still hang. After all, those that fall are only a small part of the total. The fallen ones must be eaten immediately, they are damaged when dropped and are not stored for long. But we will carefully collect the rest and they will pick up the maximum sweetness already in the house.

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Overall, the peach exceeded our expectations. Now we will raise and test its offspring.

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Mikhail Belopavlinny

Michail and Panaila Belopavlinnye. We have been permanently living in our Kin Domain "Belopavlinnoye" in the settlement "Milenki" in the Kaluga region since 2008.

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