Olga Sementsova - About the book and those feelings that rise inside of me in the process of reading 22.10.2020 15:10:08

The conversation will be about the book and those feelings that rise inside of me in the process of reading.

It is not even reading, it is much more, I live in it, experience many feelings and live them.

Many people know the series of books "The Ringing Cedars of Russia", even if they have not read them. I reread them from time to time, and I wanted to read everything in the natural environment, to feel what is happening inside, what feelings arise.

It has been a long time since I read these books for the first time. After them, it is not easy to read other books.
It's like breathing in the countryside and in the city. For some reason, this comparison came up. Most likely you have other associations.

I am a reader, I read, I may say, constantly and most often paper, although there are also electronic ones.

I always give preference to a book that you can pick up, flip through the pages, leave bookmarks.

So now Анастасия- I read the paper version, the first book "Anastasia" by V. Megre.
I have not experienced such an impression, such inner joy, or rather light, from reading any of the books that I have ever read.

I still cry, in the same places where I cried reading for the first time.
The moment when grandfather tries to explain the importance of the ringing cedar, but fails.

There are so many feelings, thoughts, the realization that something really important is somewhere in our background, don't pay attention on it at all. However, things, that like a candy wrapper glitter captivates us completely.

There are also funny episodes.
Remember the moment when Vladimir spent the night with the bear? This is amazing! Only a woman can say this:
"May today's good day come to you, Vladimir. Meet him with your good. Just please, don't be scared."

So how can one trust us after that
The main thing is not to confuse the sequence, first- inspire, then let to solve problems.

I have not read avidly for a long time - I taste thoughtfully!
And I read such books that I want to stop to think over.
I am reading "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". I finished the third book.

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And there was also an addition to a series of books in the library called "The Soul of Russia sounds in the beam of Anastasia". It contains the creativity and inspiration of people who have read Megre's books.

"Representatives of all strata of our society write: different ages, different social status and material wealth, different religions."
"... people seem to unite with a single, previously unknown impulse of the Soul, quivering, light, poetic and sincere."

There is so much Power, Love and Inspiration in this book!

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Good to all of us, Love in the Heart and Peace in the Soul!

Olga Sementsova

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