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I have a dream that a small Christmas tree would grow next to the house in our Kin Domain. The tree you can decorate for the Neww Year and Christmas, have a round dance around. I want one so as not to chop, not to bring into the house, not to sweep out a bunch of needles. I want a tree to go straight out of the porch, and here next to it is such a neat Christmas tree.

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At the same time, of course, I see my Christmas low, so that I can hang some star or a top of my head on the very top, and put the lights on from top to bottom.

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However, real uncut Christmas trees tend to grow much, eventually turn into huge spruce trees that look good next to the Kremlin wall, but certainly won't fit my little clearing next to the porch.

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I was looking for a type of a Christmas tree that would not grow very much, would not jump up, leaving me with a bare trunk and bare branches. Nor will it cost like a bridge.

Here she is my beauty - this is Nordman's Fir. An ideal Christmas tree with an absolutely correct conical shape, with a dense crown and unusually beautiful needles.

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two-year-old Nordman's fir

Of course, this tree is not for our regions, it comes from the Caucasus, and mostly loves to live in Europe.

However, here it is also growing. The frost is -30 degrees, not terrible for her, but at the same time it inhibits her growth. If in Europe this fir will be up to 20 meters high, then in our country it remains a 4-5 meter Christmas tree.

Compared to other firs, Nordmann fir is very shade tolerant and easily propagated by seeds.

Almost all the seeds I had sprouted in the first year. They survive very well the first two years of life - the most critical for all conifers, when most of the pines and spruces die.

For me, the fir is the most pleasant to grow, besides it is very fluffy and beautiful. By the way, you can cut it if it suddenly outgrows the required size.
What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

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Galina Martynova
With my husband Alexander, we are developing our 2.5 hectare Kin Domain in the Tula region.

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