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I'll tell you about our experience of planting onions from seeds. We found out about this method in winter, and then my husband bought seeds of different varieties on the Internet. In all the videos of this topic that we found, the seedlings of such onions were planted in a heated greenhouse.

We don't have one, there is only the usual greenhouse. At home, there is not enough space even for pepper and tomatoes, and especially for onions. Therefore, we planted them in boxes and put them in a polycarbonate greenhouse, having previously covered the future seedlings with stretch wrap.

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The shoots were didn’t get on well with each other. In the beds, onions planted with bottom set were already in full bloom, and in the boxes there were only tiny seedlings. I had great doubts that something would come of this venture, and especially that something worthwhile would come out.

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However, in the end, I liked the onion planted with seeds more than the one planted with the bottom set. Among the first there were no rotten, infected and so on. The one that was planted with the bottom set almost completely went to processing, he would not survive the winter.

I took two species of the bottom set onion and one of them turned out to be seminal. It formed several bulbs and was constantly shooting. I thinned it, constantly removed seedstalks. However, I didn't like the bulbs of this variety at all.

At the contrary, I liked the one planted with seeds both in taste and appearance. Of course, I did not reach the promised parameters, but in the end, 2 buckets of good onions were collected from the 9 m ridge and I put the whole box aside for the spring. I will plant onions for greens.

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We realized that we planted this onion too thickly. The bulbs grew to a certain size and bumped their sides into a neighbor. The growth stopped. In the spring it was difficult to imagine that more space would be needed for these onion strings.

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We will take it into account for the future. Not all of the bulbs have grown to size when space is low. There were some that remained 3 cm in diameter.

Next year we will definitely sow onions like that. Now I want to see how it will grow if it is immediately sown into the ground and how it will grow if from seedlings.

Onion seeds are several times cheaper than bottom sets, so this is also economically beneficial. Moreover, with the bottom set all the time some surprises come out.

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Seed onion

This year we make progress. We have 3 buckets of our own onions for the winter! In addition, the same amount was taken for preserves. Before that, everything was spent on preserves or there was nothing at all, although we plant the same amount all the time. However, we had to buy more onion. This time we managed to buy local onions, not imported ones. The southern one was usually poorly kept.

These are the types of onions we planted: ‘heroic strength’, ‘one-year-old Siberian’, ‘Myachkovsky300’, ‘Bessonovsky mestniy, ‘retro’, ‘krepysh’.

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