Medical students on an excursion to the cedar nursery "Cedars of Ukraine" 02.11.2020 09:30:20

The cedar nursery is located in the Jerel Valley Kin Domain settlement, Ukraine.

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A group of medical students came to our Social Nursery "Cedars of Ukraine" for an excursion. Active young guys who, together with the NGO "Kedri of Ukraine", are organizing planting of a cedar alley on the territory of the Kiev Medical University this weekend. Young people came to learn more about the cedar itself, its history, properties and characteristics, to see live how it is grown here. At the same time we got acquainted with the Jerel Valley settlement itself, the history of its creation, asked with interest how we all got here and what unites us.

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At the end of the meeting, I presented them with a copy of the book by Vladimir Megre "Anastasia" in Ukrainian translation, the guys were happy about it, appreciating the quality of the publication itself. I will say on my own behalf that every time at such meetings I am happy for our young people - so active, open and proactive. They have so much good positive energy, a desire to improve the world around them and very wise thoughts.

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October 17, within the framework of the All-Ukrainian action "Greening of Ukraine", together with the guys and other students, we will plant a cedar alley in front of their university. See what a wonderful name the youth have come up with for the action - "MEDKedr.

One more healing island will appear in the capital - the future natural health resort of the entire region. Do you remember that cedar has the strongest phytoncidal activity, capable of dealing with a huge number of bactericidal microbes in its environment, pathogens of influenza. It is doubly wonderful that the cedars will grow alongside the future doctors of the country.

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Tatiana Madison

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