The 8.1 book from the series “Ringing Cedars of Russia” has been published in Japan! 05.11.2020 12:43:42

Our friends in Japan have released the stunningly beautiful book 8.1 New Civilization. This translation is on sale since October 2.
The publisher of the book shared with us a little moment of the process of writing the book.

Япония 8.1 фото 2.jpg

On the cover of the book, you will find migratory birds flying into the
sunrise while singing with pure joy. They represent hopes and the coming of
the new civilization. And the subtle dark blue back ground with stars as a
reminiscent of the Universe.

Япония 8.1 фото 3.jpg

Inside every Japanese translation of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series,
you will find a small drawing of a character from that very book. And for
Book 8-1, we selected the goat. We hope the drawing will give readers
opportunities to "rest" their minds through reading the voluminous serious
and highly important issues written in the book, helping them to contemplate
the significant messages that the author had conveyed.
We hope you will enjoy it.

Япония 8.1 фото 1.png

The book can now be purchased here