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Okra (Bamia)
I have grown this year an exotic vegetable - okra.

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (1).jpg

It is thermophilic and has a long growing season, so it was planted with seedlings. After planting on the garden bed, it didn’t change for a very long time, not getting up, I already thought that there would be no point, but still waited. In July, in the very heat, the okra finally got stronger and began to bloom. Its flowers are very beautiful, they look like hibiscus, in fact they are of the same Mallow family.

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (2).jpg

It is necessary to collect the fruits when small 4-5 cm, the overgrown ones will become coarse and become completely inedible.

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (3).jpg

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (4).jpg

It is better to plant more bushes, otherwise you will not be able to collect them for a full dish. I stewed the pods with onions and garlic, it turned out delicious, piquant and unusual in appearance. However, I'm not sure that next year I will plant it, only if there is absolutely nothing to do, and this is unlikely.

Vietnamese melon
Another exotic thing from the garden is the Vietnamese melon variety "Gift of Grandfather Ho Chi Minh".

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (5).jpg

Looks like a toy! Bright, fragrant! The only pity is that the taste of the fruit is much inferior to ordinary melons, it is not sweet enough, but it ripens much earlier. I grew them with seedlings, in a greenhouse, on a trellis.

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (6).jpg

Ripening, melons fall from the stalk on their own. Another disadvantage is that it is much affected by the peronospore, like cucumbers. Therefore, next year I probably won't plant it.

In the spring, I planted several sticks of figs, frost-resistant varieties, in the greenhouse.

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (7).jpg
Tiny figs peeking out between basil and bell pepper

They sat for a long time, and then shoots started from the root. As a result, by August the giants were taller than me, and some fruits appeared.

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (8).jpg

Экзотика в поместье Радужный лес (9).jpg

I do not know if they will have time to mature, now at the beginning of September they are still quite small. Fig is an amazing plant! It has no visible flowers, but fruits appear and grow immediately. Do you know another such plant?

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