Kristina Yakovleva - Does a Kin Domain have natural capital? 16.11.2020 15:16:01

"What can a farmer deliver to the community and what value should be set for this delivery?"

Natural capital creates a space where we can give proper value to environmental assets rather than lost benefits. "

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I have recently read an English article translated into Russian about the relatively new concept of "natural capital". To assess it, the author suggested looking and using the following indicators:

- The soil,
- Water,
- Biodiversity,
- Public relations,
- Historical environment,
- Landscape.

Now let's adapt all this to the concept of a Kin Domain (a land plot of one hectare with a house, a vegetable garden, greenhouses, lawns, a forest, a garden, a pond and a hedge) and discuss it.

Does a Kin Domain have natural capital?

I think so, undoubtedly, it does and every year its capitalization only grows and increases!

See for yourself on the example of my estate.

The soil
Every year the soil in the Kin Domain turns from land killed by communal farms into a fertile environment. At the same time, we use nature-friendly ways and methods.

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This is one of the most important criteria. Spring, well or pump water. The source of drinking water in each land is individual. Moreover, besides drinking water, everyone has a personal pond - both an environment for aquatic inhabitants and in order to comply with fire safety at the site.

300 different perennial plants are the foundation of the KD and its self-sufficiency. After plants, insects, birds and other living creatures appear, creating biodiversity.

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Public relations
Neighbors in KDS, in the village, and city, cooperation and communication with local administrations also take place. Somewhere they are responsive, somewhere not so much, but in general we are still moving forward and do not stand still, do not lock inside ourselves.

Хор в ПРП Росинка (2).jpg
Choir of Rosinka KDS

Historical environment
Oh! Specifically, in our place, there is more than enough of this wealth! Tarkhov hill, river Solba, river Kisma, river Nerl, village Nikola-Tsarevna, town of Pereslavl-Zalessky, chapels, temples, monasteries and ancient stones. Here, the whole region is full of history and gives its unique atmosphere.

Hills. The legacy of ancient glaciers with hills and lowlands, forests and peat bogs. Spruce, birch, aspen and willow forests. The landscape differs from one KD to another, and evokes the feeling of uniqueness of each site.

Taking into account that a Kin domain in its meaning cannot be bought and sold, but can only be inherited and the products produced here should not be taxed, then through the prism of the concept of natural capital, one can easily feel all the power and richness of this idea - the idea of Kin domain, not as a lost profit, but as a unique space and an unusual ecological asset.

Christina Yakovleva
Rosinka KDS, Yaroslavl region

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