The Hanines’ Kin Domain - an experiment with preservations for winter 20.11.2020 13:26:35

Alexander, Irina: “We got the pickled cucumbers from the pond and tasted it in the fall. This method is described in Megre's 7th book“ Energy of Life. ”Vladimir Nikolaevich and the guests really liked it."

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Cucumbers from the garden

Maya Ladilova
The Khanin family Irina and Alexander (KD "Our Wonderful Garden") from the Ladnoye settlement of the Vladimir region conducted an experiment on storing pickles in a pond in winter. In the fall of 2019, after harvesting, the family immersed barrels of cucumbers for the whole winter in a pond under water. The storage method is described in the chapter "The Zone of the Future" of the book "Energy of Life" by Vladimir Megre (the series of books "The Ringing Cedars of Russia"). The neighbors and Vladimir Megre were invited to take out the barrel and taste the cucumbers preserved in it. If the experiment turns out to be successful, then in the KDs that have ponds, it will be possible to store tens of tons of pickles without any costs, cellars, refrigerators, freezers, etc. How it was and how the cucumbers turned out, see the video. I must say right away the barrel cucumbers turned out to be very tasty with a great smell.

Video - Maya Ladilova

Maya Ladilova: "Irina, Alexander still remember this taste! Such great cucumbers. Thank you for the treat."

I receive nice reviews about your family and KD. Here is one of them came from the USA:
"Maya, thank you so much for sharing this report about the Khanins settlement. What a gorgeous KD, and the experience with a barrel in a pond - Superb!!!!
It was so nice to watch - as if I was there with you! I missed you very much.

Khanins, both husband and wife, tell and share their experiences with trepidation, take great care of their KD, their space!

It is such a wealth to have your own a space - they should not be afraid of any world changes. They are ready!!! All thanks to the books of Vladimir Nikolaevich! How many people were saved, who managed to move and settle on the ground, in settlements.

It was nice to see Vladimir Nikolaevich healthy, and to hear his voice from behind the scenes.

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There were also a couple, apparently Medikov with his wife? I remember approximately from the photograph - Vladimir Nikolaevich gave Medikov's book to read. On the back of the book was a picture ...

How are you doing? Apparently, the city has already been opened once you can move.
Tourists have already flooded us, life is reappearing ...

Your friends have sent an email message for you. Here I am trying to translate - it is written with local humor - I puzzle how to translate so that the meaning is accurately conveyed.

Big greetings to Vladimir Nikolaevich. I hug you tightly for not forgetting and sharing good news. "

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Decorative seedlings

Khanin KD
Alexander, Irina
KDS Ladnoe Vladimir region

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