Mushroom garden in the Rodnulya Kin Domain 30.11.2020 11:26:12

Грибной огород в родовом поместье Роднуля (1).jpg

Have you ever heard of this? We have it, it's just an experiment for now.

Sasha came up with a whole system - he cut rotten chocks of various shapes, drilled many symmetrical holes in them and built a whole mushroom stonehenge, one might say. He put mushroom spores of oyster mushrooms inside the chock in the last demi-season, but the mushrooms have grown massively only now, after a decent rain and the establishment of cool weather.

Грибной огород в родовом поместье Роднуля (2).jpg

Грибной огород в родовом поместье Роднуля (3).jpg

The only sadness of an open mushroom garden is the huge fat worms happily feeding on the tender pulp of oyster mushrooms. It is necessary to organize a greenhouse covered system in order to protect it.

Грибной огород в родовом поместье Роднуля (4).jpg

So we have to arrange a competition with the worms - who will eat all the mushrooms faster and win the belly festival!

Alena Platonova

The RODNULYA is an ecologically clean family space of 1.7 hectares in a wonderful young oak forest on the banks of the Shebsh mountain river.
The Platonov family - Sasha-Master, Alena-Feyushka and the younger generation.

RODNULYA { Kin domain of the Master and the Fairy}
Krasnodar region

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