Natalia Vasyukova. Serebryanye Rosy is my mom's settlement 24.12.2020 10:02:13

The Serebryanye Rosy (Silver Dew) Kin Domain settlement is the settlement of my mother, the place of registration in my passport. I love this settlement; I love this land, these people. I really miss Lyubodar, and I am very glad that I have Serebryanye Rosy.

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The sky over mom's KD

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2010 - photo of mom's KD

Наталья Васюкова. Серебряные Росы - это поселение моей мамы (3).jpg
2020 – how it has changed in 10 years

My friend says that we are brought up by the Serebryanye Rosy, as well as my daughter. This is true. You know, when a child grows up in Love, no filth sticks to him. So are we.

Some says all sorts of nonsense about the Kin Domains, but I see - everything is not true. I have an example - Serebryanye Rosy. Of course, there are difficulties, there are many unsolved issues. But the most important thing in this settlement is the Dream. Common Dream.

The settlement was founded in 2006 by readers of the books of Vladimir Megre. More precisely, in 2006, the land was registered, it was donated by the village council, founders paid only for registration. Land ownership was given immediately, they could build and register.

Before that, people gathered in the city for readers’ meetings, about a hundred people gathered. And when the 4th book came out, people wanted to move to land. And they found it!

At once several people from the Kin began to equip their KD. Sisters became neighbors, a sister and her brother, a mother and her daughter - side by side. One man took a hectare, and on the one hand, his daughter was in the neighbors, on the other - his brother. One family designed hectares nearby for all their four children. It's pleasant.
Наталья Васюкова. Серебряные Росы - это поселение моей мамы (4).jpg
Swing in a common area

Some sites changed owners several times, people left. There were only those in whom the Dream burns. So the composition of the settlement crystallized.

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Beautiful Maria presented the project of her Kin Domain

The team taught me and is still teaching me. Patience, faith in a men and a team, deliberate actions, sincerity and honesty, respect. We have changed, and everyone still has been changing, but the Dream that brought everyone together has not changed. It is, like a star, a landmark - where everyone needs it. And only new depths of it open up.

No one saw any obstacles. ‘I see a goal, I believe in myself’.

Pavel Nikolaevich built a house at the age of 70! The builders put a box for him from foam blocks, and then he with Nadezhda Alexandrovna did all by themselves. At 70!

At the age of 80, he mowed 2 hectares on his own with a hand scythe. They were the first who began to live in the settlement. The highest forest is on their land, full of mushrooms and strawberries.

Once we sat at another neighbor's birthday party, drank tea and decided to dig a foundation for her as a gift. And we dug it up. We poured the foundation, the next year they put a log house, then slowly finished. Not in a hurry, someone may say it was slow, but the job was done.

Many stories over the years, a lot has passed, strangers have become close.
I am very glad that they are in my life. Without them, I would be different. THANK YOU!

Наталья Васюкова. Серебряные Росы - это поселение моей мамы (6).jpg

Natalia Vasyukova
Serebryanye Rosy KDS, Bryansk region

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