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Although we have been engaged in beekeeping for several years, we have recently got acquainted with the concept of "Nest honey". As they say, live and learn.
There has always been this nest honey, but we did not call him that. Just mixed herbs or meadow. But it turns out not so simple.

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In the fall, we climb into the hives to "form a nest", or simply remove the extra frames from the hives. These frames were used in the summer to breed offspring, but in the fall the queen stops sowing babies and the frames remain empty. And in winter, bees need a certain temperature and, the more the frame, the more difficult it is to maintain it.

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But these frames are not completely empty, there is always a little honey on top. And what is this honey? Very often this is spring honey, the most valuable, since the bee did not just bring it into the hive, but put it closer to their children. In the spring, the children did not manage to eat it all, then the bees added the summer one there, and brought the autumn one, a great variety is gathered in the honey. And even within such a framework, there is usually a lot of bee bread and when it is pumped out, it gets into honey, therefore, it is more valuable.

We pumped out such honey and sent it for analysis to the veterinary laboratory. Wll, we can admit, the result pleased us - 10 predominant herbs, and, moreover, half of them are medicinal!

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A laboratory specialist asked in surprise: "How do they mainly collect medicinal herbs?"

And that's not all. The diastase number (the ability to break down starch) of such honey is 17.9, with an average of 8-10 in the Samara and Ulyanovsk regions. This is an indicator of the quality and maturity of honey.

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