Lyubodar Settlement - results of 2020 01.03.2021 17:26:02

В поселении Любодар появился красивый стенд-указатель (1).jpg

2020 is coming to an end.
And now is the time to take stock.
This year there were many pleasant meetings: joint planting, improvement of the common territory, cheerful and friendly holidays and creative activities.

The video contains a short photo report for the entire 2020.

Our LYUBODAR KDS is located in the Melenkovsky district of the Vladimir region.

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Поселение Любодар – итоги 2020 года (3).jpg

We invite to us families of like-minded people who dream of living and raising their children in a settlement, striving to move to their KDs for permanent residence within the next three years, ready to start arranging their Space of Love today!

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Vladimir region

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