In the Lilia Zhilyaeva’s Kin Domain from the Zavetnoye settlement of the Vladimir region 01.03.2021 17:31:10

"I am a happy woman!" - exclaims Lilya, an owner of her own Kin Domain.
Indeed, she can say that now. But it was not always so.

Lilya had to endure parting with her Kin Domain, which was a real blow for her.
What does the Motherland mean to a person?
And the small homeland?
It's like a child who yearns for a mother. And how to survive this separation for years?

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Never get discouraged! Always after some difficulties in life comes a fertile, peaceful time. Especially when a person has a dream, directed to the future, a goal that needs to be achieved.

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The correct advice is to take care of yourself, reconsider your outlook on life, learn and become better. These factors and a great desire to return to her small homeland, to where it was good, helped Lilya to go through difficult times in her life.

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Source - Maya Ladilova

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