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We would like to share our memories of the festive events that took place this year in our settlement. The year turned out to be festively beautiful.

December 23 - Day of the Winter Solstice. Kolyada. New Year
Cheerfully and amicably we met the Winter Solstice Festival - New Year. Ded Moroz (as Santa Claus in Russia) and Snegurochka (his granddaughter) came to us and conducted fun games outside. And at home there was a wonderful concert of the participants. There was a lot of laughter, smiles, joy..

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Each received a gift. We are grateful to the Maraevs family for their hospitality. For many years their house has been welcoming us with all the cordiality. We thank Fyodor Maraev and Tatyana Mednikova for the holiday.

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February 18. Suzanne Maraevva's birthday
Jubilee, which brought together almost all Kalinovites, who spent the winter in the settlement and in the near village Osinki. It turned out to be a very sincere, warm holiday. We are grateful to Ekaterina Maraeva and Svetlana Soboleva for amazing forfeits game. They have collected a beautiful picture of the holiday from our creative puzzles. Each participant perfomed brightly, giving Suzana and all the spectators joy.

Everyone sang our good old songs together so nicely. Such a cozy atmosphere was created that we could talk heart to heart about the exciting issues in the settlement and make decisions on some of them. In particular on the following holidays.

February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day
The holiday of our men. In a small meadow, we gathered for the men to show their athletic abilities. We fired arrows and played football. Oh, what a spectacular football. And then a feast, congratulations, a concert from women and a joint viewing of the feature film "Soldier".

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We thank Olya Onanchenko and Yaroslav for sports attributes and a delicious cake. We thank all the women who took part in the preparation and holding of the holiday.

March 8 - Women's Day
The men gave us an amazingly beautiful holiday. We were invited to the Kalinovskiy restaurant. Suzanne and Peter's house was temporarily transformed into an elegant restaurant. The guys served the table beautifully, the waiters deftly looked after us. It was very nice. The women left their rave reviews in the Testimonials and Suggestions book.

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Women arranged a real exhibition of their artworks as well on this day. There were oil paintings by S. Soboleva, cotton toys by R. Lebedeva, works in the right hemisphere technique by T. Mednikova, handicrafts by Suzanne and O. Onanchenko. A wonderful concert by all the participants. The holiday turned out to be sincere and bright. We thank our men for adding the zest.

March 9 - we gathered at Malaya Polyana to celebrate Fyodor Maraev's birthday
To have a chat around the fire on an interesting topic that Fedor claimed. It was sincere, tasty, welcoming. Thanks to Fedor, Katya and all the participants. And A. Mednikov thanks for the fun football game for our children.

March 22 - Day of the vernal equinox
We gathered again in a small meadow. To meet spring, to call out larks, waders. Many «birds» flew in that day. And we guessed whose voice sounds. They hung the larks on the trees, which they had made with the children the day before. We played folk games. It was joyful, fun, noisy. And it's warm by the fire.
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We are grateful to T. Mednikova for holding the holiday, Vanya and Regina for participating in the staging.

March 27. Birthday of E. Borko-Bruyak
We also met at a small meadow. Lena carried us into the world of theater. We prepared performances in groups. We staged fairy tales, fables and then guessed what kind of works they were. It was an interesting and creative holiday. We thank Elena for this and all the actors and viewers.

May 9 - Victory Day
On this day, we planted Christmas trees together along the border of the walnut garden. Festively, amicably and with a song. We thank Vanya Lebedev and Regina for organizing the landing. And all the participants are great fellows.

May 10 - Birthday of the Kalinovets Settlement
It didn't go as usual. But the holiday took place. We thank everyone who celebrated this day the way they felt it.

June 1 - children's holiday
Ksyusha Zakharova's birthday. On this day, children's laughter sounded in a small meadow. It was interesting for the children to play football with adults. Fun games, congratulations to the birthday girl filled this holiday with childhood and joy. We thank the Zakharov family for the holiday.

June 7 - Trinity holiday
We gathered in a small meadow, remembered our ancestors, talked about our Kins. We played folk games. This year, T. Kosterina shared with us in a very engaging way. She prepared a presentation with old photographs of her family. And she told funny stories about her ancestors.
We thank Tatiana, a great example for us. And thanks to everyone who took part and shared their stories about ancestors.

And on the eve, we visited the Oakery of memory and held a small Saturday clean-up there. We thank E. B-Bruyak, F. Maraev, L. Kosterin, T. Mednikova for participation.

June 12 - Day of Russia
A wonderful holiday was prepared by T. Kosterina, N. Belova, T. Mednikova. The girls created a cozy, festive atmosphere. They covered the tables with tablecloths, put vases with flowers. They decorated the meadow with flags.

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They held a fun sports relay race, an entertaining quiz, riddles about Russia, and prepared prizes for each participant in the concert and spectators. Everyone was pleased with the bags with seeds and seedlings. A wonderful round dance dedicated to Russia became a beautiful end to the holiday.

Yes, this holiday was attended by guests from Cheboksary, they were very grateful for the pleasant emotions presented. We thank the Smorodinka collective and everyone who took part in the concert and in the celebration. And many thanks to the girls for the organization.

June 23 - Summer Solstice Day - Kupala holiday
We made this sunny day cheerful, perky, beautiful. On the eve, women decorated the meadow with ribbons, beautifully decorated the arch. An infusion of herbs was prepared.

We tided up the whole kitchen area, washed the dishes. We raked up hay in a clearing. We remembered the Kupala songs. We thank everyone who took part in preparing for the holiday.

On the holiday, everyone came so smart, inspired. While they were waiting for the start of the holiday, people made wreaths, talked at the Fair, took pictures on a haystack, and at the festive arch.

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Then we washed ourselves with the herbal brew and entered the holiday measuredly and decorously with the Kupala songs. We whirled in merry round dances and quadrilles. Played enough from the heart. They jumped over the magic nettle "fire", were on the "burning coals".

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We talked to the cheerful Kostroma. What pleasure and appetite we tasted various dishes with at the festive table, and of course, Kupala's sunny porridge.

We are grateful to Tatyana Mednikova for organizing and holding the holiday. We are grateful to S. Soboleva, N. Belova, T. Kosterina, R. Lebedeva, A. Mednikov for their active participation and assistance in the celebration. I. Lebedev for photography. And we thank all the participants for the created Joy.

July 8 - Day of Family, Love and Fidelity
Due to weather conditions, our traditional Kupala joint trip to the river was postponed to this day.

We celebrated the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity on the banks of the Sura. We are grateful to Volodya Yuzhakov for riding the trimaran. Both children and adults had a lot of fun.

July 11 - Petr Maraev gathered people of Kalinovets for his anniversary
Peter accepted our gifts, and we treated ourselves to delicious dishes and communicated sincerely. We thank Peter and Suzanne for their hospitality. And everyone who helped them organize the holiday.

July 23: Dachnik’s Day - Holiday of the Whole Earth
We celebrated at our Art meadow. It was a very bright, eventful holiday. It was a joint creation and so much joy. We shared our successes in growing garden crops, and showed the fruits of our work. We had round dances with incendiary music.

Before the concert, everyone chose their slip and prepared for doing it. The concert program turned out to be eventful. The concert part was opened with an excerpt from V. Megre's book dedicated to the Day of the Summer Resident, thereby expressing their respect to the Dachniks of Russia.

There were many songs and poems in honor of our Mother Earth. Dance "Varenka" performed by T. Rus and I. Popova was really charming. We are ready to admire it every holiday.

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Funny sketches, interviews, children's participation, so many interesting things that require a separate description. The holiday ended with an interactive mystery play conducted by T. Rus.

We are grateful to S. Soboleva for organizing and holding the holiday and the entire support team, the Art Association of Kalinovets, and the Smorodinka team. We did a good job together.

August 2 (first weekend of August) - Feast of my Family
It gathered us under the roof of the Art House. We celebrated this holiday for the first time. It was heartful and warm.

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T. Rus started the holiday by creating an atmosphere of gratitude and light. We thanked our Kins and became the participants in the concert. Everyone got their own question on a beautifully decorated oak leaf. It was very interesting to listen to the answers about the Kins of our neighbors.

All the participants of the concert received a bag of seeds as a gift. The concert was decorated with their songs by the Smorodinka team. The women's collective of the Art Association Kalinovets lit up with their dance "My Motherland". And the dance "Varenka" again gave delight and pleasure.

It was nice that our neighbors came to visit our relatives for the holiday.
And on this day we had a conversation with God, which we hold once every three years. It turned out to be a very sincere conversation. And everyone found their own answer.

We are grateful to T. Rus for conducting the conversation, for staging a new spectacular dance.
We are grateful to the Creative Association of Kalinovets in the preparation and conduct of the holiday.

August 14 - Honey Savior
We gathered under the roof of the Art House, lit a candle. And we talked so comfortably in a warm circle. It was cool outside, but ours was very emotional. We drank tea with aromatic herbs and treated ourselves to culinary delights. I remember the big pumpkin pie that the Zakharovs junior cooked.

August 19 - Apple Spas
We met at the Art meadow. It was sunny and warm. We set up a table outside and enjoyed the sunny day. We treated ourselves to apples, had a fascinating conversation, and played with the children.

August 25 - Birthday of Tatiana Mednikova
On this day, Tatiana gathered everyone at the Art Meadow, to the opening of the volleyball court. A festive volleyball tournament was held.

We played great, recklessly, cheerfully. And then the friends congratulated the birthday girl, and treated themselves to cakes and watermelons. And play again. It turned out that in our settlement there are many fans of this game.

We are grateful to A. Mednikov for the preparation of the site, the installation of the net, for the beautiful game of volleyball. We thank Tatiana and everyone who came to the holiday.

August 29 Nut Feasts of the Saviour
Now, whatever the holiday, we have volleyball game. A festive match and then a feast. It is great!

September 1 - Holiday of Knowledge
T. Mednikova made a fascinating journey through the stations for children at the Art meadow. The guys guessed riddles, musical pieces, answered quiz questions, showed their dexterity in the sports games, danced and looked for treasure.

It was a wonderful holiday. We thank everyone who came. We would like to thank Tatyana for preparing and conducting the event and E. Maraeva for her help and support.

September 7 - meeting with tour operators
A great event for our settlement. We have already posted about that. A lot of work has been done to welcome the guests (and not only these). A series of clean-ups was held in the Art house.

We are grateful to the Maraev juniors for organizing the first clean-up and everyone who supported and helped. And we thank those who were directly preparing for the meeting with tour operators, called up, met, participated in the Fair, fed the guests, conducted excursions to their estates, and held a holiday for them.

We thank the Chibakos, the Mednikovs, T. Rus, the Yesins, R. Lebedev, N. Stemasova, G. Chetkov, the Tsarevs and everyone who supported in the round dances. Thank you. Together we held a beautiful event, joyful for all participants.

September 16 - Birthday of Tatiana Rus
On this day, we gathered at the T. Rus's estate to congratulate her and plant a garden. It is so great to plant together. All participants were filled with blissful feelings of co-creation. Moreover, the weather made a generous gift - warmth and the sun. Tatyana set a gorgeous table.

Then there was a festive concert and dancing to the accordion. Perky ditties, beautiful songs and poems sounded. Thanks to N. Cheremisov, thanks to the hostesses who helped, thanks to all the participants in the concert and event. We bow down to Tatiana for the holiday.

September 22 - Autumn Equinox Day. Oseniny
The harvest festival gathered us at the Art meadow. We shared the fruits of our labor, what had grown in our gardens and orchards. It is very joyful that every year our harvests are increasing, the fertility of the soil is improving.

The table was full of delights. We called the sun with a round dance, played folk games with the children, had fun. And, of course, we played volleyball.
Thank you all for your participation and support for the tradition.

October 14. Feast of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos
On this day, there was a reason to get together, chat with new people, talk about the holiday, play volleyball.

October 24 - Birthday of Katyusha Belova
Katya celebrated her first birthday in Kalinovets that day. She is 9 years old. Katyusha received a whole cart of gifts. And the guests got a sea of joy and light, congratulating this charming, kind girl.

Katya treated us with the cakes she made together with her mother. Katya decorated them herself. We played various games at the Art meadow, jumped over a large rope. It was fun for children and adults. We are grateful to the Belov family for the organized holiday of childhood.

November 4 - Unity Day. Autumn Grandfathers
On this day, the final volleyball tournament took place. Great, fun. Thank you all for your participation. This season has shown how many volleyball fans we have.

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Volleyball is a great team game. It teaches you to think, interact with each other, improve the body. I hope there will be even more participants next year. And we will play even better.

I will say a few words about other events.

About hiking
This year, a hike for teenagers took place in the beautiful places of our region. F. Maraev organized and conducted the children. Parents helped with food. Everyone was happy and full of impressions.

T. Mednikova also arranged a bike trip for babies and their mothers. We arrived at an interesting place with a pond, high ravines, and a beautiful birch grove. We walked through the forest, found mushrooms, observed life in an anthill. And we had a little picnic. We rested, talked, gained strength and went home to share our discoveries.

About fairy tales
Also this year Elena B-Bruyaka continued fascinating conversations on Fairy Tales for children and adults. A necessary and interesting thing. We look forward to continuing next year.

Here is a year full of bright events. Thanks everyone.
See you in the New Year!

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The material was prepared by Tatiana Mednikova.
Kalinovets KDS

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