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Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (1).jpg
Stone fence with a flower bed near the forest garden

At the beginning of 2019 we PLANNED:
- We were planning to make interior decoration in the banya (bathhouse).
It’s one. Now I am getting better like the postman Pechkin from Prostokvashino (Russian cartoon).

- We planned to make a large pond along the main street at the entrance to the site.
It is postponed until bright future.

- Set deterring mole traps in the garden.
Done but didn't help

- Think over and possibly replace the drip irrigation tapes with something more durable.
We didn't even have time to think of ut, plus all the  were shops closed.

- Plant conifers.
Hurrah! Done.

- Make a flower bed near the house.
We did it, and not only near the house, but also in the garden and along the forest garden.

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (2).jpg

- Close the aisles between the rows in the forest garden with geotextile.
We mulched them with grass.

- Make benches and wood flooring around the fire.
The flooring was done.

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (3).jpg

- We made a cradle-house at the Alora’s request

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (4).jpg

- Made a two-section composter.
- We gave birth to Anita.
- We built a garage.
- Built a little house for Alora.
- Alora celebrated for 4 years.

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (5).jpg

- A custom-made kitchen was installed in the bathhouse guest room.
- We began to make an extension to the house. We made an extension plan.
- I grew seedlings of sweet potatoes, tomatoes and peppers.
- We ate our greens and vegetables during the season, and also harvested our crops for the winter.

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (6).jpg

- Made fruit leather and crisp bread for the winter.
- Dried spicy aromatic herbs.
- In March, we again measured strength with the element of fire. This time we survived the fire safely, having defended it without loss of houses in the settlement.
- We survived the attacks of raccoons on chickens and pheasants on our garden.

Maslenitsa (a pancake week)
Children's Day
September 1
Holiday of the gnomes
New Year with a real Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost, analogue of Santa Claus)

- Created patchwork curtains.

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (7).jpg

- Sewed a hammock chair for Alora.
- I began to implement my idea and sewed: a tiered skirt with flounces and a green summer dress, a yellow skirt and tulle skirt, as well as a transparent floral cape.

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (8).jpg

Итоги 2020 года Родового поместья АНДРиКА (9).jpg

- ALORA started singing and learned many new songs.
- ANITA learned to crawl and say ‘mama’.
- ANDREY became interested in racing and began to do karting, as well as take lessons in fast driving in special conditions. Continues to practice aikido.
- I go to yoga. I went to sewing when it was. Once a week I rest and recover in the women's company in our comfortable bathhouse.

It should be said that the year was rich and productive for us. And what is more gratifying is that on our land we almost did not feel any changes related to the measures taken by the government.

In 2021 we PLAN to build an extension to the house and make interior decoration inside.

Buy a sofa to the bathhouse in the guest room. Make a wardrobe in the hallway in the bath.
Plant some more fruit trees.
Make a greenhouse over the vineyard and plant 7 more grape bushes.
Make trellises for raspberries and blackberries.
Buy wrought iron benches and a table for the fire.
To decorate the outside of the bath with boards to match the style of the house - half-timbered, as well as the decoration of Alora's little house in the same style.
Plant vegetables and herbs and harvest a large, tasty and healthy harvest.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everyone!
Enjoy your planning and fabulously easy implementation of plans. Health, strong and happy families. Creativity and harmony.

Our family has been living since May 2015 in the Fairy Land settlement in the ANDRiKA KD

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