Kin Domain settlements get presidential grants 24.03.2021 12:09:55

‘Raduzhnoe u Medveditsy’ Kin Domain Settlement

The impossible is possible
We are the first who received a grant for the construction of a mill, before us 3 projects were rejected. We won thanks to a careful study of the requirements of the project commission. And even got a high score for the project!

ПРП получают президентские гранты (1).jpg
Picture of the future mill

A long work with documentation is ahead, work on construction, on information support, on reporting, on attracting volunteers to the project.

ПРП получают президентские гранты (2).jpg
Work on the manufacture of the mill drive has begun

The return of mills to Russian villages is a very important project and it will take its origin from us! We will work out the technology of organizing and building windmills, we will learn ourselves and teach volunteers to build windmills. The design project is ready, the suppliers of components have been identified, and the manufacturers of mechanisms and assemblies, too.

The agreement with the fund has been signed. After two weeks of work on milestones and budgeting by stages. From the beginning of March, work begins in accordance with the action plan. Funding for the project begins in early March.

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‘Raduzhnoe u Medveditsy’ Kin Domain Settlement
Volgograd region


Lesnaya Polyana Kin Domain settlement

We are pleased to announce that in 2021 our jubilee X Festival of the development of Kin Domains ‘Earth Day’ will be held with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund!

ПРП получают президентские гранты (4).jpg

On July 16, 17, 18, 2021, we will gather again in a beautiful oak grove on the banks of the Ileta! The organizing team is already preparing.

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ПРП получают президентские гранты (6).jpg

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Lesnaya Polyana Kin Domain settlement
EARTH DAY 2021 | Kin Domain festival
Mari El Republic

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