Homemade cheese from Anastasia Aryamnova 24.03.2021 12:42:12

Homemade cheese, the simplest one (like paneer, not-fermented).
You need: milk, natural apple vinegar.
I haven’t tried to do it from city milk, but it should work out well from fatty milk.

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For 3 liters of milk, 100-150 ml of vinegar, I'm used to pouring it by eye, the main thing is that the whey turns green and the cheese flakes off. Very simple and fast!

1. Put milk on fire in a stainless steel pot. I keep 6 liters of milk on the electric stove for exactly 26 minutes.
2. Before boiling, pour in the vinegar, you can stir it slightly or just leave it.
3. As soon as the mass is flaked, a curd of cheese, put it in a sieve and under a press with a slotted spoon to make a hard cheese. After a couple of hours, we remove from the press, and you can leave it fresh or put it in brine - just in water with salt in a container and let it stand overnight.

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Or in a bowl - and immediately mix with butter and salt. It turns such a delicious cheese that you can eat right away.

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Can be used fresh, can be diced and placed in the freezer for stews. It’s delicious to fry it simply, eat by itself, or add vegetables. And also make cheese with garlic - blender this cheese with water, salt and garlic. You can use sour cream instead of water. Delicious delicate cheese with garlic turns out! You can also add spices and herbs, make it thinner as a sauce.

If you have your own vinegar, then whey is very useful for the stomach. And you can also bake pies on it!

Question: Why vinegar? Why not lemon juice?

Answer: You can have lemon juice! It's just more expensive. In the video I talk about this, you can add lemon juice to leave the whey for drinking. And if we pour it into the sink, it's a pity, because it is better to put lemons in healthy drinks and smoothies. All the same, the vinegar goes into the whey, the cheese is not a bit sour.

Question: Where do you get natural apple vinegar, do you do it yourself?

Answer: I did it from the store's apple, and I do it myself. In principle, they do not differ in taste. For some reason, everyone thinks that the store will be unnatural, but there is a huge production of juices, and now they make vinegar from cake and sugar. The main thing is not to take table vinegar.

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