Anastasia's Dream Image Celebration at Blagodarnoe KDS 01.04.2021 12:39:57

On January 3, 2021, Anastasia's Dream Image Festival was held in the Blagodarnoye (translation “Grateful”) settlement (Yaroslavl region). Nice, kind holiday. Exactly a year and a half ago, on July 3, 2019, my friends gathered in the settlement for the first meeting of the readers of Vladimir Megre's books.

Праздник Образа Мечты Анастасии в ПРП Благодарное.jpg

Earlier, when they just read the "green books", there was such inspiration! In cities, people gathered at meetings, discussed, dreamed! I remember these meetings. Then the most active ones went to the ground. And it started spinning. They began to settle down in the estates, someone dove to the garden, to a construction site, to earning money, to children, to household chores, but this spirit, so joyful, light, was lost, began to be forgotten. Something else began to happen in the settlements.

And so the friends realized that they had to remember the books, the original source. They began to hold reading meetings in the settlement. And everything slowly began to change.

The Image that Anastasia and Vladimir Megre gave us is very important. The image that gathered us all in the settlements, which inspired us to change our habitual thinking and way of life, to very big changes. It is important to protect and enhance the Image. It is like a beacon, a landmark. He has a future - beautiful and happy. Reader meetings help us understand him better.

Friends from Blagodarnoye shared their discoveries and inspiration. They said that reading meetings began to change them, change their inner state, fill them with some kind of good energy. They remembered much of Anastasia's advice: they began to sleep more under the starry sky, they began to plant ancestral groves, children began to equip their meadows. Words cannot convey everything. I really wanted the same changes in our country. And we began to hold such meetings in Lyubodar and in Serebryanie Rosy.

Every week we share our favorite quotes, understandings, together we reflect on what we have read, we dream together, we understand more the aspirations of our neighbors, plans and interesting ideas appear. There are joyful meetings, there are very serious ones, but something new is sure to be born inside.

I would like people in the settlements of KD to hold such meetings, this is very important.

Once a beautiful Dream from the taiga called us all into a new reality, united a huge number of different people.

Reading books, this unity is felt, this connection with millions of readers around the world.

Therefore, on January 3, there was a joyful and kind Feast of the Image. Guests came to the celebration: Vyacheslav Rybka (executive director of the Vladimir Foundation "Anastasia"), Svetlana Shiryaeva (secretary of the Foundation) and their friends - Tatiana, Mikhail, Lyudmila.

Праздник Образа Мечты Анастасии в ПРП Благодарное (2).jpg

Vladimir Nikolaevich could not come, but he presented a wonderful painting! Not to mention the books he wrote.

Праздник Образа Мечты Анастасии в ПРП Благодарное (3).jpg

Праздник Образа Мечты Анастасии в ПРП Благодарное (4).jpg

There were a lot of gifts, a lot of joy, a lot of quotes from "green books", a lot of songs, a lot of sweets.

Праздник Образа Мечты Анастасии в ПРП Благодарное (5).jpg

The program was thought over for two days, but the guests could only stay with us for one day. Such meetings are never enough for me. I want more and more. I was very impressed by the performance of all the men present - they read the "Prayer of God to man" very well. (V. Megre's book "Creation")

The Fund now has a new round of development, there are many good plans, and we will help to implement them - my friends in the Yaroslavl Region became the first branch of the Fund. One of the important tasks of the Foundation is to plant a million cedars in 2021. And we will plant and distribute. Those wishing to purchase selected, high quality cedar seeds - contact the Fund.

A very good holiday has passed. It gave a lot of joy and many good goals, and great inspiration. A very good start to the year.

Natalia Vasyukova

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