The Taran-Ignatiev family’s Kin Domain 12.04.2021 15:15:47

Родовое Поместье Рода Таран-Игнатьевых.jpg

We are Ruslan and Victoria, a young happy family. Not so long ago, we lived in the center of a stuffed metropolis. We dreamed of our homeland, Kin Domain. While we dreamed, grew, gained experience, our land was waiting for us somewhere. Now a miracle happened. We took action and found our ancestral home in the Kolybel (Cradle) Settlement.

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We have built a house, a daughter was born in our estate, we have also built a very solid cellar for vegetables, fruits and pickles, we are building a bathhouse and continue to arrange the estate.

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We have already planted many hundreds of trees and bushes, and there is a nursery. Now we know, everything is possible, if you go towards your dream.

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Our corner of happiness: Our KD is located in a fabulous place. It is a glade with a small northern and large southern slope. On three sides, our site is surrounded by plots of neighbors, on the fourth - a beautiful pine forest.

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Nearby flows the river Kazaiha with cold water, where it is +6 all year round. On the border of the site there is a spring that flows directly from the mountain, the water is soft.

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Favorite spring

There are young self-sown apple trees (birds planted), old thickets of plums and wild cherries. There is everything here: the beauty of nature to delight the eyes, mushrooms, berries, aromatic herbs to nourish the body, contemplation, thoughts and happiness. This is our estate, the Kin Domain of the Taran family.

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About the KDS: A young settlement of the Ulyanovsk region. A mighty forest surrounds it on three sides. The fertile land is nourished with springs. The bosom of nature, God's Cradle. The inhabitants of the Cradle are strong, healthy, successful families. We know that happiness is in the way of life, in harmony with nature. We were inspired by a series of books by V. Megre "The Ringing Cedars of Russia".

And in winter, work is underway. The other day, men inserted a window in a common club, made and installed platbands.

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The kids around tried, helped. The children liked the lunch together, the children and the men's team. And we are happy, the club is changing.

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Kin Domain of the Taran-Ignatiev family
Kolybel KDS, Ulyanovsk region

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