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In this article, we decided to share with my experience in growing cedars.

1. Soak pine nuts for two days, changing the water daily. The best, germinating nuts swell and sink to the bottom during this period.

Филиал Фонда Анастасия ПРП Благодарное Ярославской области (2).jpg

2. Further, stratification is needed - this is an imitation of natural winter conditions. To do this, mix the nuts with wet sand and place them in the refrigerator or under the snow. It is important that the nuts are moist during the entire period of being in the cold. They retain moisture well under the snow, in the refrigerator they must be periodically moistened and checked for germination. Stratification takes about 2-3 months.

Филиал Фонда Анастасия ПРП Благодарное Ярославской области (5).jpg

3. As soon as the shell of the nuts cracks and small sprouts appear, we plant the nuts in a box with earth. It is good to add some coniferous earth and sand to the soil for cedars. It is good to use cedar shells or cedar cone petals for drainage.

Опыт по выращиванию кедров от ПРП Благодарное (3).jpg

Опыт по выращиванию кедров от ПРП Благодарное (4).jpg
We planted the nuts with their roots down, and then sprinkled them with coconut substrate on top

4. Two days later, the hatched nuts sprout in a box with soil. You cannot remove the nut shells from the sprouts, it is important that the cedars throw them off themselves.

Опыт по выращиванию кедров от ПРП Благодарное (5).jpg

5. In May, we take boxes with cedar into the street and leave them there. It is better not to transplant cedars for the first 2-3 years, they grow in boxes on the street, they are not afraid of the cold.

Germination example
Natalia Vasyukova: I planted them on January 20, they hatched on February 14 and I planted them. After a couple of days, they ascended.

The pine nuts given by the ANASTASIA Foundation are kept in the cold. Most likely, they do not need stratification. But we still soaked the nuts and put them in the refrigerator. How amazing they are - when soaked, almost all sank to the bottom, which means that the germination rate is very high.

Опыт по выращиванию кедров от ПРП Благодарное (6).jpg

You look at them and admire them - they are large, fresh, they smell like a pine cone, you can feel a powerful light energy in them. Just imagine, such a small nut, and from it will grow a strong powerful extraordinary tree - Cedar!

Photo from the page of Natalia Vasyukova

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