Interview with four-year-old Lada from the Perstenyov Kin Domain 20.04.2021 13:21:32

The interview was conducted by a family friend.

Question: Ladushka, do you like living in the Kin Domain?

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Lada: I like it. There are birds, I watch them, and also, when I go out for a walk in the morning and sit on the porch, the titmouses immediately fly right close to the house and sing all sorts of songs.

Question: In the summer?

Lada: No, in winter too.

Question: I saw that you and your parents often walk around the Kin Domain. What for?

Lada: to check: are there any interesting footprints? If there is, we take pictures of them. I also have such a birch there, it fell, and I jump from it. I climb in - hop! I climb in - hop!

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And we also get to know the whole estate. I love to be the first to walk along the path, my mother follows me, and my father follows her. I also like to play the excursion. They ask me everything, as guests, and I talk about the estate.

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Question: What else do you do while walking?

Lada: I make sand Easter cakes, and I also go up to a pine tree and communicate with it.

Question: What do you say to each other?

Lada: I first tell her that I love her, and then she says: "Then you quickly go out for a walk." And I answer that I will go out and will communicate with her from the very beginning of the walk. And I love all the other trees too.

Question: What are your parents doing?

Lada: They are glad that I walk and communicate with nature.

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Question: Well, what do they usually do?

Lada: They are engaged with the baby (younger brother - ed.). Well, and all sorts of other things too. Daddy does all sorts of electricity and hangs decorations for the New Year. And shows me everything in the aquariums. And he helps mom with the baby, walks with him on the arms. And mom prepares all sorts of goodies and breastfeeds the baby.

Question: What is your favorite thing in the world to do?

Lada: To deal with the baby.

Question: What do you do with him?

Lada: I'm doing exercises for him, I'm talking to him. Mom sometimes puts a plate of fruit for us and goes to do business, and we eat and study with him.

Question: Mom said that you play school with her. What do you study?

Lada: Learning to write, learning mathematics, geography. Like in school.

Question: What is your favorite thing to learn?

Lada: Study countries and their flags, and also learn to write. I study countries by flags. I ask my mother whose flag this is, and she says: Russia, Germany, Greece.

Question: Where will you live when you grow up?

Lada: I don’t know yet, either in the house where my parents live, or I’ll build another house.

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Question: Where are you going to build another house for yourself?

Lada: Probably in the same estate or in the neighboring one.

Question: Do you want to wish something to all children?

Lada: I want to wish them good. So that they come to live with us in Mayskoye, and go out for a walk, and we will play together.

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The Perstenyov Kin Domain
Mayskoe KDS, Vladimir region

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