Elizaveta Krestyeva about the Space of Love 20.04.2021 13:39:35

"Those plants with which a particular person comes into direct contact form for him the Space of True Love." (V. Megre's book "The Ringing Cedars of Russia")

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Until very recently, my husband and I thought, to our shame, that only those who create KDs actually do something for planet Earth, strive to learn the truths of the creator.

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But it's bad that we rarely reread the books of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, because the very first books, which we somehow underestimate, say a lot about the cosmogonic role of plants in human life. And in vain, in vain we treat the first books so superficially, believing that the most important information begins with the "Creation".

No, it’s not. Each phrase of Anastasia is valuable and important, and there are no less significant and more significant advice from her. We have forgotten that it was thanks to the summer residents of Russia that in those dark 90s the world did not collapse, when no one had ever heard of Anastasia. No, someone does remember, but ...

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But they did not live in Kin Domanes, did not hear words about the space of love, did not read green books. And, nevertheless, they saved the planet. And they are saving, they are saving to this day.

We are very much subject to the sin of pride, those who call themselves "Anastasievites". Actually, this is precisely why our actions on the planet are sprouting so slowly and reluctantly, so many difficult situations in the collectives of settlements - and the collapse of the Rodnaya Party - also from there, not fully, but to a significant extent.

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But everything is on the surface. Plants and love for them.
That which is inherent in us initially and breaks through in people at times, carrying them out of the urban environment to villages and dachas, although it is not clear in appearance that they were so taken over. Each lovingly planted plant, even an annual, is already a small puzzle of love that a plant gratefully generates for a person.

And of course, one puzzle is very little, it's crumbs. But when are there a lot of plants? Different species, including long-lived trees such as secular trees?

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And therefore, every step leading a person beyond the space of soulless apartments is a step towards soul, life and God. And even in stone cages, intuitively feeling the great grace coming from plants, people surround themselves with potted plants, and sometimes take care of them like children.

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And happy radiation comes from humans and plants into space, prolonging the life of everything in the world.

By the way, I noticed a long time ago - when I am pregnant or a little baby in the house, the plants almost fall out of the pots, they bloom so that the leaves are not visible, although I always forget to water them on time ... It’s so obvious, where is our eyes and heart?

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Life and love live only in the living. I bow to you, summer dachniks, flower growers, villagers, all who touch the earth with love.
Our saviors, live long for the joy of all.

Elizaveta Krestyeva
Primorsky Krai

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