Day of my family - the rebirth of the Holiday of Kin in the Skazochniy Kray KDS 10.06.2021 13:26:52

A new edition of the book "Anastasia. The Energy of Your Kind" by Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre has been published, supplemented by new information that has not been published before.

In the new chapters, the author reflects on the fact that the number of the Slavic population of our country is constantly decreasing. Asks the question - how will people who create Kin Domains feel if they turn out to be just a small nationality in their country. A minority that no longer affects the country's legislation, traditions and culture.

The peoples, whose numbers on Earth prevail - in India, China, in Muslim countries - have a tradition to honor their ancestors up to the seventh generation and to gather for the holiday all living people of their kin. There were times when a person who was not able to name 7 generations of his ancestors was considered rootless.

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Now everything is different. We focus on ourselves - now it's fashionable. We study at self-realization trainings, we are engaged in self-improvement and personal growth, we devote days, months and years to achieving our goals.

Banners of our goals ... The most important, the most necessary. We run toward them, sweat-soaked shirt crumpled across our chests. By adulthood, this run seems to us the essence of life itself. Close and distant relatives - they are somewhere, we remember everyone, we love everyone, and ‘we need to get together one day’. This thought is kept in the backyard of memory as a forgotten link among the events of our life.

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We create Kin Domains for descendants and in memory of ancestors, but at the same time we can forget about those living on Earth today, about people of our kin.

The idea of restoring family ties appeared, it was voiced by Vladimir Megre in the new chapters of his book. He described Anastasia's proposal to return to our lives the forgotten holiday of the ancestors - the Holiday of the Kin!

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On this holiday, on a certain day of the year, you need to invite all relatives to your Kin Domain, tell them about your plans to create a beautiful space, give each invitee the opportunity to tell the story of your life. Such a simple action will help to unite people of one family living in different parts of the Earth. It will facilitate the reunification of the kin.

It's time to regain our lost traditions, hear the life stories of our loved ones and experience a sense of unity with the entire timeline of our kin - with the past, present and future!

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So, let's take a pen and a piece of paper, write down the names of all living relatives we can remember. Let each person from the list receive a bright, colorful invitation to the Kin Domain for the holiday of their living family. It is joyful to realize that a kind, wise, family-uniting holiday is returning to our lives.

Let's support the wonderful future of our kind, the space of a small Motherland on the scale of our entire country!

The article was written by Tatyana Skripnik, a resident of the Skazochiy Kray.

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