Natural strawberry meadows in my Kin domain 25.11.2021 13:23:00

It was a test to my faith. I really wanted to grow natural strawberry meadows in my Kin domain, just like the ones we used to come across with my grandfather during our walks in the forest when I was still a child. What a delicious strawberry it was! (simply put it was not that usual wild strawberry familiar to most folk). It was a rather large sweet-scented berry which back then was often met in forest glades. Noone looked after it, snipped off its runners, ploughed or fertalized the soil, mulched it or watered. Around seven years ago I made some experimental strawberry beds on the side of the garden plot where we usually do not mow. I wanted to see whether an ordinary garden strawberry can become that "forest" one from my childhood.

Природные полянки клубники у себя в поместье (1).jpg

So I planted it, visiting it from time to time, removing the most aggressive weeds around in order to give the strawberry an opportunity to take root and strengthen. During its first years, it felt like my strawberry bushes were not quite comfortable there - accustomed to the abundance of light and the minimum amount of weeds nearby, they tried to get used to the new neighborhood and not the "greenhouse" conditions they have been used to. I helped them the best I could, only occasionaly removing the "aggressor weeds". I strongly believed that the plant (its original species) can regain its original strength by extracting the memory which is firmly imprinted in its genes.

Природные полянки клубники у себя в поместье (2).jpg

Finally seven years later I saw the long-awaited result! The bushes began to grow tall, strong and gave these abundant berries that unique "wild" honey flavor. Interestingly enough the stolons do not spread around the area (at least, they have not by now), but concentrate all their strength and sweetness inside the designated strawberry bed islands, amidst meadow greens and young trees that have been growing nearby.

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We are continuing our experiments and observation of the living world.

Tatiana Madison
KDS Dolina Jarel, Ukrain

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