Mednikov's Kin Domain Birthday. 25.11.2021 13:31:22

Happy birthday our dear Kin Domain Rodinka Luchistaya, piece of land we took responsibility 11 years ago.

День Рождения родового поместья Медниковых (1).jpg

We are grateful to this space that become Home for us, the place where we want to come back. We are grateful to everyone who participated in our celebration, for co-creation, for your help in manifestation of our dreams. We are grateful to everyone who are helping to create our Kin Domain now.

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Every time when we walk around our homestead, we think about friends and family, who planted bushes and trees. We are grateful to Vladimir Megre and Anastasia for such gift. In one of the books Anastasia asked to try to do something what she talked about. And we tried and loved it. We love creating our Kin Domain. We love living on the land, love seeing sunrises, the nature waking up, listen to the birds singing, drink water from the creek, looking at the sky, breathing herbs and hay aroma. We love to be part of nature. We love learning ourselves, human being on this planet. We love working on the land, love connecting with the nature. We tried and created a celebration- birthday of our Kin Domain, it's a little bit like Vedruss wedding. We said about our project and people planted alive green fencing, it took just a few minutes and after we were singing songs and had some treats.

День Рождения родового поместья Медниковых (3).jpg

We liked very much co-creation with friends and relatives. And this is true joy for everyone. Everyone participte in planting. Small part of everyone is in celebration. With years it's even more and more joyful to see how plants are growing and fruiting.

День Рождения родового поместья Медниковых (4).jpg

We walked along green fence and garden and miracle happened! Alexei noted a seedling plant on the birch orchard, where we are planning to make a pond. We thought it was a Pine tree but it appeared to be a Cedar tree! 

День Рождения родового поместья Медниковых (5).jpg

How it is possible? Who planted it? We both were surprised and delighted. Alexei regularly mowing this place and I pick up mushrooms, but we didn't see this little fluffy plant growing here! 

День Рождения родового поместья Медниковых (6).jpg

This Cedar tree seedling appeared on the day of our Kin's Domain birthday! Such a gift from our Kin's domain! 

День Рождения родового поместья Медниковых (7).jpg

We are wishing to our Rodinka Luchistaya to grow up, to learn and understand the wisdom of the Universe, to feel warm Love everywhere in our domain! Wishing you happiness our dear land!

Rodinka Luchistaya Mednikov’s KD
We have been living on our land since 2010
Kalinovets KDS

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