Spring has come to the Kovcheg 14.04.2022 13:00:36

Sandpiper, sandpiper!
Lock up winter,
Unlock the spring.
It's a warm summer!

Весна пришла в Ковчег (1).jpg

Spring came to the Kovcheg right along with the equinox. The long-awaited warm sun, streams, puddles, and the mood is not educational at all.

Весна пришла в Ковчег (2).jpg

We met the sun, sang nicknames, tried out the baked "larks" the day before, whispered on a thread everything we want to part with, tied on a straw "winter" and burned everything superfluous at the stake.

Весна пришла в Ковчег (3).jpg

They made wishes, glorified, scattered "larks", took a little for their garden, played, had fun.

Весна пришла в Ковчег (4).jpg

And they went to study.

Family school of the settlement of ancestral estates Kovcheg

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