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In 20 km from the settlement there is a district center of the village of Arkhangelsk, in which there is a House of Culture. And there you can study at an art school, at a music school, go to wrestling, gymnastics, dancing. There are guys in the settlement who successfully attend classes there.

The classes we are interested in take place three times a week. Nobody wanted to go so often. In winter, it's generally a whole business when it sweeps. I didn't want to spend so much vital energy on trips. At least we realized that we were not ready for this.

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On the right - mine, on the left - Zareslavin

Since my daughter loves to draw very much, we bought online training at the school "I am an Artist". We started to study it a little, but it seemed to me that it was still too early for us. There is a long talk about techniques, Zareslava gets tired (she is 7 years old). I think, from the age of 9-10, or as interested, I will periodically turn on, I like it myself.

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While she draws herself, sometimes we include simple lessons from the Internet, but she adds her own everywhere. And I really think that I can't do it as beautifully and mentally as she does.

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Since I was two years old, I hung all the walls with my daughter's drawings – it's not just my technique, I really adore her paintings. And what was painted at the age of 3 and 4, these are the most beautiful paintings for me that I have ever seen. I collected all the drawings in folders. Now we have bought a good folder, a bundle of files, and all the paintings are now in it. We draw on watercolor paper with a density of 200 g, Nevsky watercolor paints, Kohinoor pencils, gouache, good brushes. It's not all that expensive, but the result is pleasing.

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The principle of family education is to create an environment. That is, all the possibilities and tools, and sooner or later the child will reach out. But, of course, all children are different: who to draw, who to sculpt, who to invent, someone to think. Never force children! They will be sick of what they were forced to do in the future. I think it's better not to give enough. Then there will be a search mode. I didn't have such drawing sheets as a child, and nothing - I grew up, bought, and draw.

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When a child draws better than you

And now I see the growth points of children, in which we don't give a little bit on purpose, so that there is great interest, anticipation of something unknown, search, inspiration.

And, of course, the best thing, we do not forget about it - to draw living pictures with living colors on a living canvas! Create a Space of Love around yourself, plant, create!

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