Winter bouquet from Zvon-Gora 27.02.2023 12:17:22

Kin Domain Settlement "Zvon-Gora" maintains friendly relations with the club of flower growers and summer residents. The club is called "Golden Age" in Vitebsk.

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We are not only exchange accumulated experience in agriculture and gardening, but are also very happy to host each other!

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On the sixth of February, when a winter blizzard was happening outside the windows, an exhibition of the "Winter Bouquet" of the folk club of amateur flower growers was held in Vitebsk, and we were happy to attend this event as guests. There is room for creativity!

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In the white colours of winter, iridescent overflows of bouquets sparkled, and on the tables there were apples and tomatoes, not to mention unusual dried fruits in winter bouquets.

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And, of course, it was important to see each other!

Zvon-Gora - Kin Domain Settlement

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