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Lesnaya Polyana officially has its own real master of sports! Meet the second-year undergraduate student of the Volga State Technical University of Yoshkar-Ola - Konstantin Rozhkov. Kostya is studying landscape architecture and tries to spend every weekend at the settlement. Sometimes it turns out that this does not always happen. After all, in addition to studying, he is actively involved in sports tourism and successfully participates in competitions throughout the country.

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- For me personally, the title master of sports was not the main goal. First of all, I fell in love with sports tourism because of the opportunity to see the country. In the last year alone I managed to visit Moscow, Irkutsk, Bashkortostan, Nyagan, Saratov region and other places!

- Secondly, it is a diversified development. To achieve results, you must be be in good physical shape, have good equipment skills and be creative - think over tactics for passing each distance. Lastly, in sports tourism it is difficult to predict the results. There is always great unpredictability due to the large number of factors and this makes it even more interesting.

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In Russia, a master of sports can be "obtained" from the age of 16. Konstantin passed the relevant regulations more than a year ago (he was 17), but officially received the title more recently.

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- Sports tourism is divided into mountain, water, hiking, skiing, sailing and other sections, - continues our companion - I do skiing and pedestrianism. In addition to individual sections, there are disciplines in the areas “Pairs” and "group", where 2 and 4 athletes overcome the distance together. It is here that team work is shown.

As Konstantin explained, the title of master of sports "bit by bit" is going to all-Russian competitions for high results - you have to be in the top six, and, depending on the level of the tournament, from 0.25 to 0.5 ranks.

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The beginning of the "master" was laid in February 2021 at the Final of the Russian Ski Cup tour in the Vladimir region. After that he had successful performances at the championships of Russia (a walking tour) in Naberezhnye Chelny. The cherry on top was a tour in October of the same year in Bashkortostan.

We asked him about life in Lesnaya Polyana.

- Each person may have a different idea of life outside the city. But it can change for the better if there are successful visual examples of what life is like on a hectare of land - that's cool! I don't really have anything to compare it to, but in my opinion, Lesnaya Polyana perfectly shows how cool a settlement can be. You only need to frequently hold events that children from outside can come to - in order for them to personally see and feel all aspects of life on the land and in our community.

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Kostya's future plans are grandiose.
We sincerely wish that everything will work out for him.

Interview prepared by Artur Gimaev

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