Birds in the Skazochny Kray settlement 10.03.2023 14:48:33

Птицы в поселении Сказочный край (1).jpg

Feathered friends lived in this place even before people moved here and, most importantly, they stayed afterwards.

The video was filmed in one of the Kin Domains of the Skazochny Kray Settlement.

Insolent sparrows, timid titmice and lovely robins.

Птицы в поселении Сказочный край (2).jpg

Living in the neighbourhood with us are not only delightful singing nightingales and thrushes, but also large bright pheasants which can be found all year round, freely walking along the streets of the settlement.

Живут на просторах Сказочного Края фазаны (4).jpg

They are used to people because they are safe here.

Птицы в поселении Сказочный край (4).jpg
A guest from the forest in the Kin Domain "Agudaria"

Owls make fabulous noises at night.

Птицы в поселении Сказочный край (5).jpg
Green woodpecker

The jays have learned to make curious sounds. For example, we heard sounds from them such as the meow of a cat or the sound of a working power tool. They are also notorious strawberry thieves.

Птицы в поселении Сказочный край (6).jpg
Spotted woodpecker

We have a lot of very different birds and we want it to be easier for them to spend the winter here. Sometimes you look into the feeder and there is such a crowd of birds - bringing joy to your soul.

Skazochny kray - Settlement Kin Domains

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