A passion for chess for Dobrynya 21.03.2023 16:38:52

His passion for chess began to grow into a professional sport. It all started a couple of years ago with the fact that many children in the environment (even in the settlement) had various gadgets.

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Dobrynya also wanted to play computer games. He was given free access to the game of chess on the computer. It was a computer game with benefits for the development of intelligence. It turned out that this seed fell into fertile soil.

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After a while he began to receive medals at tournaments and beat all his adult acquaintances. He has now taken first place amongst boys under 13 (although he is 9 and a half).

It was not easy to find his hobby. While he was growing up he was given a choice of many different options. He managed to find his hobby and you don’t even need to motivate him to study because he is eager to learn. It is important to find which hobby is yours and to do what you love because life will then become beautiful and there will not be a day of work.

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