Five principles of collecting medicinal herbs from Elvira Ismagilova 20.04.2023 13:59:24

I have a few rules that I follow when collecting and harvesting herbs.

1. Collection time.
I try to collect herbs in clear weather and late in the morning when the dew has already dried, or in the afternoon. If I collect flowers, then it should be at the time of the optimal flowering time of the flower. It should seem as if the flower is asking for collection, being especially attractive and fragrant. If I am collecting leaves then a lot depends on the plant. I collect young nettles before they flower. It is called "May nettle". I collect the leaves of strawberries and raspberries after they have fruited.

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2. Accessories for collecting herbs.
I use cotton and linen bags and sacks, as well as wicker baskets. If those items are not available, then a clean pillowcase will do for picking herbs. I don't use scissors, I pick herbs with my hands. Using the index finger while breaking the stem makes the herb come off easily.

3. Collection of herbs.
Before I start collecting herbs, I ask for blessings for the collection. I clearly formulate the goal - why do I need these herbs? For example, I collect for my family or for people so that herbs can bring them mental and physical health and heal their ailments. It is not necessary to pronounce your goal out loud, you can also mentally pronounce it - the main thing is that you clearly know it and approach the collection of herbs consciously. Before I start to pick the herbs, I also mentally ask them to allow me to collect it - I voice my goal to them. It all takes place at the level of feelings. I look at the herbs with attention and love, addressing them sincerely, and when I feel inside me their response and readiness to serve for good, I start collecting.

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It is important to be in the here and now as much as possible during the collection of herbs, and to not be distracted by extraneous thoughts, keeping in mind the purpose of the collection. Thus, you will collect the amount of herbs that is within your power and which you can then use.

4. Drying.
I dry the herbs in the shade in my wooden house. I use several methods depending on the type of herbs. I dry on an electric dryer (heating no more than 40 degrees). I also really like to collect herbs in bouquets, tying them with ropes and hanging them around the house - then my house becomes like Baba Yaga's hut. Sometimes I lay out a metal clothes dryer, cover it with a roll of paper, and lay herbs on it in a thin layer. You can use the method that is closer and more convenient for you. The main thing here is shade, ventilation and lack of moisture.

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5. Storage.
You can store herbs in glass jars (herbs should be well dried), in cardboard boxes or rag bags and in a dry place. It is important during storage, as well as during drying, to ensure cleanliness and protection from insects, rodents and pets.

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These are my basic principles for collecting and harvesting medicinal herbs. In the comments, please share your journey to the collection of herbs. It’s very interesting!

Elvira Ismagilova
Chik-Elga Kin Domain Settlement

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