Homemade bread from Bogatirskogo 24.05.2023 15:22:09

Its wonderful taste and aroma is familiar to many people not only in our settlement, but also in Ivanovo and beyond! Nadezhda Alekseeva from Bogatirskogo is constantly learning new recipes for yeast-free bread baking. She bakes healthy bread for her family and to order.

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Nadezhda Alekseeva

Bread with nettle
I add nettles to soups, smoothies, and teas.
But for bread… it exceeded all my expectations! Wonderful.
Children cannot be torn away from it. Fluffy, beautiful, there are no words, you need to try it.

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Spelt bread
An unusual feeling, as if you are working with a dough that is either rye or wheat. It doesn’t look like porridge, but it’s not as elastic either and it sticks a little and breaks. Although there is more protein in it - there is clearly less gluten. Hands kneaded and kneaded as thoughts rushed off somewhere - it turned out as a bread meditation. An amazing feeling of contact with something long forgotten. It was so joyful to make friends with spelt again. Spelt bread is very tasty and has a nutty aroma and flavour.

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Pumpkin bread
Wheat on sourdough baked pumpkin with turmeric. The crumb is soft and airy with a thin crust that has a honey aroma. The taste of pumpkin is not overpowering at all. The recipe is here.

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Kin Domain Settlement BOGATIRSKOE
Ivanovo region

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