Holidays in the settlement Mezhdureche 19.06.2023 13:25:07

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The structure of our holidays are very different, depending on the season and weather. However, since the beginning of May, we have been trying to hold more and more outdoor events and this spring was no exception. We opened the volleyball, campfire and guitar-singing seasons on the same day, all at once.

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Bake champignons and vegetables, warm yourself by the fire with a cup of herbal tea, sing and play the guitar.

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The most determined guys even managed to leave the ball, while the rest were talking and fussing near the fire zone on our Festival meadow.

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In one word, the beginning of our summer outdoor events were started. Now, all that remains is to keep up the pace, get in shape and expand the activities - adding swimming in the river, hiking, bike rides, excursions, community work days and festivals.

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Life in the settlement turns out to be richer than any opportunity we have to explain in text.

MEZhDUREChE: Kin Domain Settlement
Oryol region

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