Vladimir Megre's message to readers 27.07.2023 20:47:02

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Friends, now I am in Siberia to celebrate this significant holiday of the earth with my very close people. But parts of my heart and soul are also among you. More than 20 years have passed since the appearance of the first settlements consisting of kin domains in the Sudogodsky district. They are organised by readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series. The names of these settlements are Native, Okay, Treasured, Sunny, Wonderful, Peaceful and Friendly.

The organisers of the first settlements were Anatoly and Tatiana Molchanov, Vladimir and Marina Yurtaev, Alexander and Irina Khanin, Alexander Levin, Alesei Sedov, Andrey Semyonov and Vladislav Mostovoy. There are 2 more people who have recently left us - a professional architect Irina Volkova, who created projects for many settlements, a tireless lawyer Lyudmila Pedan, who for many years defended settlements from unfair attacks. These 2 women still soar like eagles over our settlements, zealously guarding them. They and all the creators of the Kin Domains will enter the future history of the development of the New Civilisation. Today in Russia there are more than 400 settlements consisting of Kin Domains.

Many creators of Kin Domains are immersed in everyday household chores and do not know with what reverent attention the whole world is watching them, and believes that they embody the Great idea of a wonderful future that humanity will come to through Kin Domains.
These are not just words, I will give only 3 facts confirming them.

In 2011, the author of the idea of Kin Domains, set forth in the series of books "Ringing Cedars of Russia", was awarded the international "Guzi Prize".

The International Committee considered that a new paradigm of world order was born in Russia, reporting:

Your works have presented a new understanding of the structure of the world, a new interpretation of the economic and political processes in the world, and thus serve as a signal to the world about an urgent change in strategy and tactics in all areas of activity, including the environmental, economic, political, social, demographic spheres in order to find new acceptable ways out of the desperate situation of humanity as a whole - these achievements and victories have made you a living paradigm to follow not only in Ukraine and Russia, but also in Europe, the USA, Asia and the international community.

According to the most influential international magazine "Watkins", published in the UK. The author of the idea of the Kin Domains of Russia entered the top 100 most influential spiritual leaders of our time.

A group of scientists from the Lomonosov Moscow State University held 7 scientific and practical conferences dedicated to the creation in Russia of settlements consisting of Kin Domains. And on historical examples, they proved that with the help of this idea it is possible to bring the country to be one of the world leaders.

At the initiative of the governor of the Belgorod region, a law on kin domains was adopted. On a site called Anastasia.ru, you can find statements by many of the most famous people in Russia in support of the Kin Domains. One of these people lives among us in the settlement "Rodnoye" this is Viktor Yakovlevich Medikov, a Doctor of Economic Sciences and Professor Deputy of the 3rd convocation of the State Duma. He collected more than 100 signatures of scientists in support of kin domains. He has written a number of books and received the Guzi International Prize.

I told you about the facts that show the significance of each of your Kin Domains, and, consequently, the significance of each creator of his Kin Domain, as a person worthy of being called a Reasonable Man of the planet Earth.

Many scientists from leading universities and not only in Russia, analysts from the special services of different countries are trying to unravel the Great Mystery of Millennia. How the taiga hermit of the Siberian taiga, the beautiful Anastasia, using only the letters and sounds of the Russian alphabet, was able to influence society and direct many people to the creative process.

Thousands of villages disappeared from the map of Russia every year. And this process could not be stopped by the state, neither by cash injections, nor by benefits, but she was able to do this without any subsidies and benefits, with just sounds. Even decoders were used to solve this mystery, in which texts from books with Anastasia's statements were laid.

And here is how Anastasia herself answered this question: - Anastasia, you said that you collected the best sounds of the universe and now they will be effective, but how is it possible for a modern person to hear the sounds of the universe, this is possible only with the help of a powerful radio telescope?

- All the best sounds of the universe, Vladimir, are on the earth and can be heard with an ordinary human ear. The singing of a nightingale consists of the sounds of the universe and it has not changed for millennia. The chirping of grasshoppers in the grass, the rustling of tree leaves in the breeze, the murmur of water in a stream and raindrops can tell a lot. Most often, the word ROD is formed from living sounds. And I decided that the phrase “Kin Domain” would reveal a great and multifaceted meaning to the human soul, meaningfulness would call upon the universal energy.

Perhaps many creators of the Kin Domains understand and feel this energy.
And when one of their neighbours in the Kin Domain agrees to be called an eco-settlement or just a rural settlement, not even suspecting what Great Energy they were lucky enough to touch and what will happen if it leaves them.

Today this most beautiful holiday is organised with the support of the ANASTASIA Foundation.
Next year, in the organising committee of the holiday, I propose to include children living in Kin Domains.
I also suggest that by the next holiday, each creator of a Kin Domain determine the entrance to their domain and its name.

When my friends and I drive through the RODNOE settlement, they ask, where are the Kin Domains? Unfortunately, neither the entrance to the settlement itself, nor the Kin Domains themselves are indicated in any way. How great it would be to drive along the beautiful Alley of the Rodnoe settlement, where the colourful name of each Kin Domain was listed on the right and left. Let's take this simple but important step towards a wonderful future.

With respect and love, your Vladimir Megre.