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In early July, we collect many different seeds of trees and shrubs. It is very important not to miss them, because by the main harvest in late August-September, the seeds that ripened in July crumble and disappear. We do not sow all of them at once, some of them we leave for the next year.


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We collect them now, while the pods are already hard, a little yellowish, but have not yet had time to open. Leave them in the heat to ripen and wait until they open themselves. You can then sow them in the garden or you can leave for them next year. There is no need to stratify.

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We collect ripe berries, they are dark purple. It is best to collect berries that the birds have pecked because they have already chosen a mature one. While the birds ate only the pulp, the seeds remain hanging and have already dried up by the time they are harvested.

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You can collect dry berries, grind them a little, separate the seeds and then sow them immediately. They germinate well after natural stratification.

We collect mulberries in the same way as shadbush berries. Grind the berries and remove the pulp. Sow immediately or store dry until spring.

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Now it is good to collect the seeds of cherries, apricots and peaches that have already ripened. For planting, you need well-ripened fruit. If you come across them already rotten, that is generally excellent. Leave them separately in a warm place to rot to the end. Next, fill with water, let it brew and then shake well. Then dry for 12-20 hours. Store in a bag or glass jar in a dark place at room temperature.

All stone fruits will need to be stratified in winter, but each one has a different laying time for stratification. For example, apricot 2 months, sweet cherry - 4 months, peach - 1 month. Do not rush to lay them for stratification. They need to wake up in the spring, not in the winter. If you stratify them yourself in the refrigerator, then keep the seed shells dry until the start of winter. If you want to stratify in natural conditions outdoors, wait for stable minuses and only then sow the seeds, covering with a thick layer of sand.

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