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As soon as our yurt was built, classes began immediately. The first children's lesson in the yurt took place on July 25th. The topic of the lesson sounded like this: "We launch a creative thought. We create a project for our kin domain." The children brought coloured pencils and sketchbooks with them, but not everyone wanted to draw at first.

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“Well, of course, if you don’t want to draw, then you won’t,” I told the children. And then I unfolded a drawing on a piece of paper with a project for my own kin domain. I drew it 15 years ago, when I did not yet have a kin domain, but only had a vivid dream of it. I suggested that the children look at the project and determine which of the dreams indicated on the plan came true. The children happily began to study the drawing and make discoveries: a house, a pond, a bathhouse, directions of the cardinal points and even a stream turned out to be where it was on the plan! Wow! This is how dreams come true!

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Further more. I unfolded before the children the project of the water systems of the settlement, which we prepared and defended with Sepp Holzer in 2011 at a seminar in Cheboksary. Back then we had only 34 hectares and the first 17 plots in the settlement. The children happily began to study the project, look for their own and neighbours' plots and compare them with what has already been implemented.

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Then, when I invited everyone to think about their kin domain, the thought of each child rushed to the future. - “Hush, guys, I’m thinking,” Volodya whispered.

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A creative silence settled in the yurt. All the children drew and their thoughts created a beautiful eternity. This is just the beginning. Having touched their future, the children launched their creative thought, now it will continually look for and find the best ideas for arranging their space and creating their kin domain.

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Elvira Ismagilova

Chik-Elga Kin Domain Settlement

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