In Chik-Elga, a lesson with children is dedicated to the Family 21.08.2023 19:04:58

The lesson of the Children's Nursery was dedicated to the Family, family roots and family tree. The children and I talked about what Kin is. Starting with their parents and grandparents, they then realised that their grandparents also have parents (great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers). They tried to dive deep into the centuries and realised that a thousand, and tens, and hundreds of thousands of years ago we had ancestors that are our ancestors. As a tree is strong with its roots, so a person is strong with his Family, memory and respect for his ancestors.

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We talked with the children about what a kin domain is. This is not just a plot of land of 1 hectare with a house and a garden, it is, first of all, a space that parents began to equip, in memory of their ancestors and for their descendants.

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I showed my Family Book - this book, in which the senior members of the Family, the founders of the kin domain, write to their children and grandchildren, their great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, those for whom they founded the kin domain, what they planted, what important truths they would like to pass on to their descendants. This is the book in which the pages will be filled with each generation of the Family. In my family book so far there is only one entry of 1.5 pages. Writing in the family book is a responsible matter.

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The older children began to draw their family schemes, the younger ones depicted mighty family trees in their drawings.

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Of course, children will turn to their parents and grandparents for help in order to find out information about their ancestors, to listen to interesting stories from the life of their grandparents. And the thread that binds generations will become stronger. And the realisation that you were born thanks to such a large number of people gives confidence in your strength and inspires good creations.

Elvira Ismagilova
Chik-Elga Kin Domain Settlement

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