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Another warm season is coming to an end, which I lived on my land in the settlement of kin domains Gingeren! Of course, the harvest in the garden beds has grown and more gardening experience has been gained! New trees have been planted (about sixty)! Every day before it gets dark I clean up the area, trying not to forget anything important so that I have time to do everything that needs to be done before the cold weather sets in!

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But I don’t want to talk about this, rather about how I am gradually learning to feel and hear my land, and it me. I'm not here just for work and harvest! But really, for what? I dream of transforming this space like an artist. And in my head there is a whole picture with paths, streams and bridges, with fruit-bearing trees, with guest houses. I imagine how good people will come to visit and I will give them environmental excursions, master classes and many other interesting events!

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But there is something else, perhaps the most important thing for me - is to remember the long-forgotten feelings of childhood. When you are not in a hurry, you don’t worry about tomorrow, on the contrary, you have complete confidence that everything is fine and will be even better. Every moment of yours is filled with bright colours and sounds: the rustling of grass, the buzzing of insects, the voices of birds! You can watch a bug crawl for a long time, or lie on your back and look at the clouds! This wonderful world is best felt away from the bustle of the city, noise and pollution! Knowing that I will soon be leaving for the city for the winter, I increasingly force myself to leave what I’m doing and just look around, listen, and breathe in!

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It has long been noticed that the more we invest in someone or something, the more we begin to love it! I'm just learning to hear and love my land! I especially love sitting on a bench late in the evening when the stars are already visible! It’s dark, almost nothing is visible, but you can clearly hear the breath of the earth!

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Olga Danilenko

Kin Domain Settlement Imbiren
Omsk region

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