Rostok Settlement School 24.10.2023 18:42:55

The school in our settlement usually opens in October, when the gardening season comes to an end.

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The children look forward to this holiday because every time, the adults come up with new adventure tasks that they need to complete in order to enter school.

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This time the children found themselves in a fairy tale based on the cartoon "Vovka in the Far Far Away Kingdom." The entrance to the school was blocked by a large DIY book and the children had to go on a journey to understand what they were learning for. In a fairy-tale land they met an Old Woman with a leaky trough, a Golden Fish, two slightly identical scarves, a Stove, three Vasilisa the Wise and the self-confident Vovka led them.

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The children coped with the tasks so skilfully; they chopped wood properly, ate very tasty pies from the Pechka and they treated the adults. They built an image of their future house and calculated and designed the house. They even built small houses. When they built them, they rejoiced and sang songs with Uncle Sasha about smiles and clouds.

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And then we went to our favourite school. The children received gifts and made gifts for the adults themselves - a small performance. Children love to perform. So this time they took to the stage and the smallest artists (without text or rehearsals) organically fitted into the performance.

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School season is open! We have a lot of classes, master classes, meetings, concerts and gatherings planned. What wonderful holidays are ahead! So winter will be cozy, warm and fly by.

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